A little bit of small-home decor inspiration...

southernheartJuly 12, 2006

A friend on another board shared this link, to the most wonderful home. The owner herself proclaims it "her cottage". It is warm and inviting and has loads of charm, and I think that she makes wonderful use of her space (and also great use of color), and garden.

I hope that all of you enjoy seeing these pictures as much as I did!~


Here is a link that might be useful: Charming Chapman Cottage photos

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Its one of my all time favorites.

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Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed the photos. I love the red room!

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Thanks for the link. This woman really knows her style. What a great use of space, and enjoyable, well-thought-out rooms.

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That is a wonderfully decorated, happy cottage. Love all that stained glass too. There definitely is some inspiration there.


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Absolutely lovely...I love the mixture of styles, colors, and materials. The exterior is so warm and welcoming. It looks like the little house is smiling! The kitchen is a great example of a space that is timeless...no trendy stuff, just beautifully put together. And I'm a rooster lover, so that room does it for me.
Thanks for the link...aaaaah

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Perfect for a morning daydream! What a place! I wouldn't have guessed there was so much space inside-- I think the vaulted ceiling in the living room really amplifies the space! mrsmarv, I agree with you-- I really appreciate the un-trendy kitchen. I could spend days in there! (Oh, that probably wouldn't be good for the diet...)

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Thank you Andrea.....candy for the eyes. Extremely charming, cozy and inviting.


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