Countertops due Thursday

EATREALFOODJuly 31, 2012

all I can say is "countertops due thursday"

HOORAY !!!!!

(they were due last wed. but the forklift broke.

now, where is the plumber...

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Ah yes, the hurry up and wait game. Can't wait to see pictures!

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Can' wait for pictures. I bet you can;t wait too. It has been a long haul for you. I am sure it will be gorgeous.

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Are they in yet?

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They are in ! I know, I know I need to post photos. I thought there was a concern because the thickness varies in the slab but I was reassured that is normal. It's two separate pieces so it's fine. If it were adjacent pieces with a seam that would need fixing.
The area that is thicker (varies from 1 1/4-1 5/8") is at the sink side. I was told by the dealer this is preferable because the piece in front of the sink will be stronger, plus the sink looks good with a heftier looking counter around it. After thinking it over he's right.
The important thing is that the person I bought them from offered to pull out the thicker piece and "re-mill" if I was not happy. That's good customer service.
The fire dept. was here 2x this week because of a problem with the boiler room and the heat was on all day on Thursday during the install so my nerves were shot at that point. When we really looked at the edges that's when we got concerned...
It really is a beautiful stone. The quarry closed down part of their operations so it's difficult to get this harder variety of soapstone now. My DH really likes it which surprised me since he told me originally he hated black counters.(see how I listened to him) I guess the comfortable feel it gives the room attracts him to it. Also he's used to flagstone floors from back home and soapstone evokes a similar feeling.

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