northwoods/lodge look books

nodakgalFebruary 1, 2002

Hi all,

I posted this awhile back on the C&D forum and didn't get any responses. I'm just wondering if anybody here knows the names of any painting books and or the artists with the northwood/lodge look? DD wants more stuff for her living room!


Connie D.

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Here are some of the painting books I have that fit that description:

Pinecone and Campfire Critters by Karen Alexander

Up North by Pat Olson (one of my favorite books)

Groupies from the Forest by Lesa Maloney

Down Home - Snow Peaks & Fishin' Creeks by Betty Bowers

Gimme That Country Side by Brenda Rintisch

...this one thing I do...three! by D.J. Williams & Vanessa Taylor

Welcome Back to the Cabin by Debbie Crabtree Lewis

Mostly Moose and More by Nancy Wood

Welcome to the Woods by Cindy Mann

These are some of the more well known ones that are my favorites to paint from...hope this helps you to find them...I know that some are available through Artists Club and the others you can search for, or look on Ebay also. Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Artists Club

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Thanks so much BeBe!! I found and ordered 3 of the books you told me about!
I also took Nanacherie's advice about the Blue Ridge Publications site a few days ago and ordered from them some other great books, I should stay busy for a long time! LOL.
Thanks again, I just can't get over how everyone here is so helpful this is a great bunch of forums and great bunch of people.
Connie D.

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Your quite welcome Connie! When this becomes a paying forum also, on the 15th of this month, I will no longer be here so I will try and help out with what I can before then! Happy painting :) You can always find me at CraftPals though, on the wood and painting forum there.. Great bunch of gals over there and always helpful!

Here is a few of the links that I order patterns from, with a woodsy theme:

These a just a few, but you can find more on the net using a search engine.

Here is a link that might be useful: CraftPals

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