Is Ogee edge out? I've picked it, but don't see it much anymore

southernmumMay 4, 2013

Building a new house and my granite and cabinets will soon be installed. The granite hasn't been cut yet. I naturally just picked ogee edge because that's what I've picked in my previous houses. However, the more I look at new construction and pics on Houzz, I'm seeing a lot of straight edges. So, educate me -- is ogee edge out? Also, my quartz is the same color on perimeter cabinets and island. Should edges match, or should ogee just be on island? Thanks

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Holly- Kay

I love the Ogee edge and I was going to pick that but my granite saleswoman said that it is more prone to being damaged and suggested a bull nose style. Her opinion was that it is also much easier to clean, IDK if that is even something to consider. Honestly I thought that all the edge styles looked very nice. Pick what you love and don't worry if it is the trend right now because trends come and go but you have to live with your kitchen for a long time.

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I have an eased edge which I like and, lucky me, is no upcharge. :) I don't esp. care for the look of bullnose and have heard that drips curl around and down the face of lower cabinets.

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I don't think an ogee will ever be out. It's classic. Yeah, I learned the same thing about those beautiful edges when researching. People find it annoying to wipe the counters!

Interesting a KD recommended bull nose. That's supposed to be very bad for drips to roll right around the surface and onto the cabinet faces. With todays counters being installed so close to the cabinetry, it would be even more prone to hitting them instead of dropping to the floor.

Make sure you get enough overhang, measuring from the face of the doors and drawers, not the cabinet frame. My "KD" was going to put a 25" counter on 25" cabinetry, insistenting the cabinets were 24". The overlay doors added another full inch, between the door and the 1/4" space between it and the frame.

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Ogee is considered a "fancy" edge, chosen for its elegance. It's simply one style and was popular about 10 years ago in the heyday of traditional kitchens wit beaded door cabinets.

These days, many kitchens seem to be transitional, which is to say they have some traditional aspects combined with some modern aspects. Straight-edge counters (or eased edges) are modern motifs.

Houzz is a bowl of spaghetti style wise so I wouldn't worry about what's there because it will change.

I think the choice of a countertop edge has a good deal to do with the overall look you're going for, the style of sink being used and whether the installation warrants a fancy edge and the upcharge it brings. Then there's the material itself. Someone who is using one of the softer marbles might want to think twice about a fancy edge which is by nature thinner.

It's funny someone suggested bullnose, which used to cause noses to wrinkle.

But basically, I'd get what you want, what you like and what you feel works for the look of your kitchen. If you love ogee and want it, go for it. It will be "in" at your house LOL.

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I love bullnose. We have it on our current laminate countertops. If its not too much $$ I'll do it again with our new house. I don't care if its in or out. I love it!

All this to say--go for what you love. It's your kitchen!!

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I used it on my walnut island, because I wanted to "pretty it up" (I think wood counters, by their nature, can veer towards the rustic.) Actually, I think it is a double ogee. I used an eased edge for my marble perimeter. I agree that it really has more to do with the style of your kitchen, rather than what is "in" or "out." I will say that I do have to wipe those ogee edges more...crumbs could accumulate there.

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It definitely depends on the look you're going for. I don't think of an ogee edge as going well for modern, contemporary, or most transitional looks. Ogee can look very nice for a more traditional feel.

Personally, I wouldn't really want to do it because I see it as catching more "stuff" that you don't want to have to deal with...I see it as being more difficult to clean. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I don't have it and never have, but that's my impression.

Most people do stay away from a full bullnose because of the drip issues mentioned - liquids tend to run right over the edge and curl around to drip down the cabinets. I've been told that 1/2-bull doesn't do that. I'm hard pressed to think of anyone on here that has a full bullnose.

My favorite (and surprisingly since everything else has been so pricey) least expensive edge really is an eased edge. We spent more on our granite than we intended, but luckily didn't have to worry about spending more for a fancy edge!

But, all in all, go with what you love - don't worry if it's "in"...unless you intend to sell the house within less than 5 years since styles change all the time.

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I don't care if it's really "in" or not... just realized last night in a new development that I haven't seen it in a while! Just one of those observations that made me go "hhmmm..."
My house is traditional in style, but our stuff is much more fresh and current. Now thinking maybe no to the ogee edge. Or maybe just on the island, as it's being made to look like a furniture piece.

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Holly- Kay

Hmmm I wonder if what I chose was an eased edge? I know it has a lip on it if that makes sense. I will have to google it. Or maybe it is half bull nose because it isn't totally rounded.

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Holly- Kay

On my sales receipt it just says edge B, but after looking at edges on line I think it might be half bull nose. There is definitely an edge before it slopes down and the underside is flat. IJDK. I will call the fabricator on Monday!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have a half bull nose...rounded top, straight edge on the bottom. DH wanted to make sure we didn't get an edge where water would roll around the edge and then run down the front of the cabinets...

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The eased edge is pretty flat...from a distance it just looks like a squared off edge.

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I'm going with an ogee edge on my island and an eased edge on the perimeter. However, my perimeter (Alabama White marble) and island (black pearl) are the same. I don't think they have to match even if they are the same. Go with what you want. I had ogee in the last house and didn't have any problems cleaning the edges.

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I have ogee on top, then bullnose, because that is what my wife wanted. I wanted a square bottom edge, to minimize the amount of drips that run under and hit the drawer fronts, but I didn't get my way. Same edge in kitchen and in two bathrooms. They are laminated edges, so full thickness is 4cm ~ 1.6"

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