What's happening this holiday weekend?

MoccasinJuly 2, 2010

What are you planning to do this weekend?

Will you be having company and rolling out the air mattress, or having a picnic somewhere besides your back yard?

Or are you decorating for a backyard barbecue?

I'm sure it will all mean fewer posts over the holiday, and I will be Lonesome George for most of the time.

I plan to connect my computer to the TV and go on a Netflix Marathon and drink lots of Crystal Light and store bought potato salad, maybe some grilled Conecuh sausage and the last pack of my pre-oil spill shrimp done on the barby.

I sure do miss my DH. Have a bang-up FOURTH OF JULY all!!

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ML I do not plan on anything. I will probably work. I have the city budget and quarterly financial to deal with and hearings and and and,. Sheese. I was asked to bake two pies for the community picnic. It is to raise money for the community pool.

We will not be going to the picnic. I would rather just give them money than to have to go try to have fun with a bunch of people. I do not consider this fun. I am not a party animal at all.I actually get sick to my stomach even thinking of having to go to something like this.

I suppose I will make up something nice for us to snack on that is a little special out of the ordinary but we have no other plans. Never do. Just another day. Not being anti patriotic. We just do not celebrate anything even Christmas. No reason other than there is just no interest.

The fourth is my Mom's Birthday so I will be giving her a call on the phone. I can talk as long as I want because I call through my computer. Catching her home is the difficult part.


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OMG - Realtor has a showing here tomorrow. Good thing my cleaning fairy was here yesterday :-))) Re the water spotted windows, guess I'll have to tell them that I'm waiting to hear from the window washer........

Otherwise, no special happenings. Our 19th anniversary is the 6th. We will go out for dinner, always a treat.

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OH NO waiting to retire. Say nothing. Do not call attention to it. They probably will not notice. There is so much to see in a house hunt. Only you are seeing the spots on your windows.


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I won't be doing much of anything - unless the guys come out to do any work. this is day 2 of no work. that is ok with me. it's exhausting (not that I was doing much other than being out in the heat to help with a few minor things or hold boy back from the tires of the grader etc).

I might go over to my sister's for a few hrs - depending on what BIL cooks - lol! sister made up salmon patties while I was over there earlier (to fax code to dbf) and sent some home for my dinner. bless her. I'll add some asparagus to it and call it a good meal!

so I'll be around all thru the weekend off and on.

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Well I'm going to a cookout. I usually go off for holidays. My friends like to entertain and they all take pity on me because I'm single!
the last time I had a family party, they all stayed too long! So I'll never do that again.

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I have no plans. I hope it stops raining, but then if the sun comes out it will be totally miserable with the humidity, so maybe I hope it drizzles all day. The few times the sun came out today when I was outside, I thought I was going to have a heatstroke and it was only 80 degrees, but after being so rainy, the humidity was way up. It's 1am right now & weather.com says the humidity is 93%. Not so bad when it's dark or overcast, but sunny.... ick.

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We are at midnight here and it just rained a little bit. We really had a nice day. Cloudy and stormy this afternoon. We did not even use the cooler.

I decided I will be working on my back splash after I get those darn pies made. I took the window sill apart to make it better. It was not laying flat. Had to do some repair of the sill but too bad.

Grouting the back splash is such a big job I do not imagine I will get it done in one go round. So now I pretty much have my weekend cut out for me.

Have a great one Every One.


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Just a normal weekend here no extra holiday. Do you all get an extra day off on Monday? I'm working on my bedroom shelf and I must bath my stinky dogs! pewww

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Since my "staycation" turned into a vacation, I've been relaxing all week. I'm now back at home and have no plans. My sons are on the coast at their Aunt's house. That's my ex sister-in-lawyer. She has a big blowout at her house every 4th and that's the tradition my sons follow. They enjoy it so I step back and let it happen.

One thing I hope everyone does is remember exactly what we are celebrating and take a moment to consider if we are still an independent nation free from an oppresive government.

I couldn't resist.


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Scott :^))))

Well the pies are backed for the picnic tomorrow I deliver them at 11 and then the day is mine to do with whatever.
And maybe nothing. Been cleaning the last of the windows I could not get to the other day so that job is done. Woo Hoo.

Cleaning up the tiles I took off the window sill last night and maybe get them glued back down. Already laid a few out and I am much happier I removed them and smoothed the sill out.

So time to get dinner in the oven.


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Chris what type of pies did you bake?

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PHEW I just sat down from cleaning off the backs of those small tiles. My fingers are sore.

Loretta I baked Pumpkin by request. Was in the local grocery this morning trying to decide and the consensus was pumpkin . Grocer told me many are already doing cherry of course for the color.

I am reconsidering my day tomorrow. I do think I will glue down the tiles and then go to the office and get the budget paperwork to bring home and work on it. I am starting to feel panicky about it. I am still waiting on paperwork from the county so I can not totally complete all the figures but if I can just get it lined out I think I will be sleeping better at night. I am under the gun to have it ready to present on the 12th.

I can work on city stuff from my recliner. LOL All nice and comfortable and no worry about interruptions from the phone or some one coming in. THEN I might not have to work on Monday. Does any one know if it is an official holiday?


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I just took 2 apple pies out of the oven - dh's request.

Chris, I know what you mean. When I have a worry about anything money related, I can't sleep until I have been over the numbers and have it all laid out for the next day.

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Yeah, its a federal holiday. Here, the city and the banks are closed.

I think I'll cook a pie also (store bought). I love pie and ice cream

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Thanks Loretta for the information. I ended up doing the Dear I will be home in a little bit deal and three hours later I am dragging my way in the door. I had already done an hour worth of work before I left. I am feeling pretty good about all the progress I have made. I am ready to balance the 10 pages of ledgers. All information has been posted. THEN I can dive into the budget. Trying not to freak myself out.

I was able to prepare for the council meeting NEXT Monday night and got the agenda to the paper and posted around town except the grocery and it was closed. Then bundled all the budget stuff and thumb drive and brought it all home to work on tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow might be best with a clear head. But if I get to worrying about it I might balance the ledgers tonight. That should not be hard to do.

THEN I baked a cherry pear pie for hubby. I allowed myself one little slice.I do not want to blow my diet too badly. He will have to eat the rest. Was delicious. Those cans of cherries do not fill up a deep dish pie. Really nice fruit combination adding the can of pears. Will do it again.

We must have lost ML to her movies.

Hope every one is enjoying their day. I need to call my Mom for her Birthday.:^)


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"One thing I hope everyone does is remember exactly what we are celebrating and take a moment to consider if we are still an independent nation free from an oppresive government.

I couldn't resist."

that's a good thing! we need to treasure our freedom - and pray we keep it.

I didn't do much today. was so tired last night I could hardly get moving today. my sister invited me over for roast and potato dinner but I didn't feel up to it. she's saving a plate of food for me to pick up tomorrow. hopefully I'll do better tomorrow! I need to complete my appl for permit and get that map done! and pick up that dinner...

last night nrb or tbn (channels) had some good American history programs on - I'm gonna look over there and see if any are on tonight.

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Shades sez: "We must have lost ML to her movies. "

And that is true. I watched three last night, and went to bed at 3 am. Then my DH called at 9 and woke me up, so I got up and fed the parrots and the dogs.

I sat around for a while missing the DH, and thinking about the times previous when I so enjoyed the 4th. My favorite fireworks color was always the purple ones. I can remember watching the show from a boat in St. Andrews Bay at Panama City, We had no fireworks ourselves, but I did burn a spoon full of 151 Rum....."LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE PURPLES!!!"
And the years when we boated across Mobile Bay to watch the fireworks show again from the water, and the mad race back to the western shore of the Bay, like leemings about to self destruct jumping off cliffs. And I also remember the hotdogs, potato salad, watermelon,, ice tea and "Killer" lemonade. And my friends. And my DH who always watches the 4th extravaganza which has lost a bit of its drama since the passing of Arthur Fiedler. But DH said to me, "America has been good to me. Of course I am watching this birthday celebration." He reads history nonfiction all the time, but not always able to hear the TV since his hearing is pretty bad. Nothing wrong with my hearing, you betcha.

I watched another 3 or maybe 4 shorter movies today. Then I picked blueberries from my neighbor's patch, and sat on the deck after it went into the shade. It was so very still and quiet, with only a stray breeze lightly disturbing the tuned windchime to a faint song. I wish the world was always this peaceful. Peace be with you all today and every day.

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ML I love the way you painted such a picture of your weekend, I almost felt like I was right there. How long before you join your DH in the north?

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I am spending the weekend rewriting posts that were eaten by GW :-)

I stuck around Boston this weekend, relishing the return to normalcy. Saturday I picked up my new mountain bike, and went for a brief ride. I'd been debating buying another bike, I used the excuse of 'my road bike is too uncomfortable right now' to purchase the bike that I have been lusting after for years. And, my new small house is close to a very large state park, with miles of trails. So, I gave in. The day's heat (90s) zapped my energy, so I spent Saturday night watching episodes of 'Glee' (my secret indulgence).

Yesterday was another scorcher. Put my new electric lawn mower to good use, then spent the afternoon at my little pond. My friend's dog and I lounged in the sun, swam, and chased tennis balls. Heavenly. Had a few friends over for dinner, then wandered up to a local park to watch Boston's fireworks. A great day.

With another steamy day forecast and the relatively high level of activity the last few days...today I'm taking it easy. Have to make sure I'm ready for Brimfield (largest antique show in the US) next week!

Happy 5th everyone!

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No plan for this weekend

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Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm We have been hit by another kind of Table guy. GGGRRRR.

I just spent three hard hours crunching numbers and I am tired. Time to fix dinner. I did enjoy the day with a short visit with neighbor and some laughs. Nice walk to town and I will have to go back down to the office because I forgot the bank password and I NEED some figures. Maybe tomorrow is soon enough????

And yes Happy Birthday America. Sure hoping things can come back in line with the over all plan of years ago. Sigh.


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Hi, everyone,

We had a big family dinner here Sunday. We have one every month, so it was nice that the holiday fell on the same week-end. I made 10 lbs. of potato salad, and yeast bread, and my sisters brought everything else. I've been reading about everyone's pies--I hope they were as good as they sound. My mom bakes the pies for our dinners--I had blackberry/blueberry pie for breakfast yesterday!

We went to my FIL's for homemade ice cream and fireworks on Sunday evening. He's a retired veteran, USAF, and my late MIL was an AF nurse. My son is in the USArmy, so we are thankful for our freedom, our country, our family.

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We sat very, very still in front of a fan - then four fans as we tried to bring upstairs, the air from the cool basement. Of course, we also tried all the circuit breakers and switches we could find and pulled up the weeds around the air conditioning unit and then we even sprayed off all the fuzzy seeds from the trees off of the unit. It was not impressed with us and still refused to work.

Then we went inside and sat very, very still and sprayed water on the dogs and watched TV and drank fluids inside our visqueened-off family room. The dogs spent a lot of time lying on the denuded kitchen floor, panting, as they absorbed the cool air from the basement that snuck up between the cracks in the subflooring. On Sunday, DH cleaned in the basement, since it was the only cool place in the house. Tomorrow we get to spend over 4 grand on an efficient new cooling system! Yay, tomorrow night we will be cool!

Those of you who have no air conditioning have my sincere sympathy and an open invitation to a small house in Michigan that soon will, again.

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DSis and I usually watch the musical "1776", on July 4th, in which our forefathers decide to rebel against the British and declare ourselves a free nation that is not ruled by Kings whom Gods have reportedly put into power over the smaller people. It is a great musical and I especially love the poignant solo by the young messenger from General Washington, who sings of the death of a young soldier. Only the janitor and audience were there to hear him, the forefathers having already gone home for the day. They argued about political philosophy, but this messenger regularly brought news from the warfront, to remind them of what they were deliberating about.

Thank you, Scott, for your reminder, and thanks to all of you who have served in honor of our country and who have parented and married those who have served. May we not abandon these war veterans as we have so often done. They are more wounded physically, mentally, emotionally and soulfully than any other contingent of servicemembers we have sent out into the world to carry out our political ends and to protect us from those who hate us for what we represent. May we honor and protect them, serve them and love them through their difficulties.

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