How would you transfrom these items?

catkinFebruary 17, 2002

I bought these plastic 60's wall decor pieces at a garage sale. They're those thingies that are painted gold and they're usually candle sconces. Know what I'm talking about? Very tacky looking now! LOL!

Does anyone have any ideas how to paint them to bring them up to date? They have scrolling designs on them thay are kinda cool looking.

Suggestions appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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I'm not sure exactly what they look like, but if you don't like the gold you could try something like Flek-Stone spray to get a stone look. Or you could paint them to look like terra cotta. Have fun.

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Thanks for replying. I'm going to consider that!


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Hi Cindy,

It seems that the crackled look is really IN,
nowdays. Perhaps you could paint them with crackle
medium and then with a green patina colored paint.
They would look really old and in style!


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Or, go over to ebay in Home and Garden and do a search for shabby chic wall sconces, or "shabby chic wall" and see what it brings up. SC's very hot right now and I've seen what I think you're talking abt lots of times on there. Mostly painted white, some pt wiped off w/slight bit of gold showing thru, can be crackled, sanded, whatever, to get the shabby part of the lk, often times w/toled roses. Actually pretty cool. I've seen it in frames, sconces, iron work, furniture, tissue box tops, wastebkts, etc. Now, b4 you go over there, have you got all day?? lol

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