Where is everyone?

ViqueFebruary 8, 2002

Doesn't anyone paint any more? For some reason, this forum isn't moving at all. I miss it. Vique.

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Hi Vique....Beginning next Friday this forum becomes a "paying" forum also, so like many other painters/crafts people I've found another 'painting home' on the net that does not charge to post! I will miss this forum and am not sure why it's becoming paying as it is not that busy of a forum, but it's the webmasters choice! I notice that many of the forums here are slow now and hashing over the same old things since they became paying and have a limited input! Have a great day :)

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everyone paints their selves crazy during the xmas holidays so I think they take a break till later.

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I also have been wondering where everyone is. We used to come on here and ask a question and get so much good information, now nothing much is happening. Maybe everyone has already found another forum. I really liked the format of this one and enjoyed all the good ideas and information from everyone. I especially liked this one because everyone was so helpful and didn't seem to be trying to sell their things. Everyone seemed to just want to help people who were interested in the same thing. Maybe we could bring a little life into it before so many go on to other forums.
I especially wanted to know the basic colors that glass painters used so I could order the right ones. No one answered my question. However, I guessed pretty well when ordering Pebeo paints and only got one color that was not what I thought it would be.
I have received so much good help in the past and want to thank everyone who responded.
Mary Sue

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I agree with everything you said,Mary Sue. I was thrilled when I found this site. I got so many good ideas here, and everyone was so helpful. Now when I log on it is like riding into a ghost town. I know some people moved when it became a paying forum, but gee, it is still cheap. I bought 2 painting mags. over the weekend to get some new ideas and they cost me more than a years sub. to this site. Didn't get as many ideas from the magazines as I used to in one week on this site. I am glad you found what you need in the way of glass paint. I have never painted on glass, so I couldn't help you. Vique.

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I agree with you Vique! a couple of magazines are a lot more expnsive that the years rates on this site. However, I can remember when I couldn't afford a magazine either!! Been there and had to do without! I don't post on this forum often but have enjoyed it the times I have bee here. I hope that it is just a case of 'after Christmas rest time' and not a case of everyone moving. By the way, where are you moving to?

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Hey Everyone. I'm new here, but also thrilled to have found it. I have been reading many of the posts and enjoying all of them.
I'll spread the word to my other painting friends. So much to learn and enjoy here. Hope it continues.
Lu from LA

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