One of those happy blended family times

mom2emallFebruary 22, 2009

My kids all have a behavior chart. We picked the top 3 behaviors that bother us from each of them and put them on a chart. Each day they can get 3 stars total if they do not exhibit those three behaviors. Some days they may get all 3 stars..some days less..some days no stars. We then have a list of rewards for stars. It takes them about 2 weeks to earn a reward. Since they each earn different amounts of stars at different times they do not all buy rewards at the same time (if it makes sense).

Our rewards are all non-monetary things such as playing a board game with just mom or dad, a day of no chores, pick what we have for dinner, etc. One of the choices is to buy a later bedtime. They can buy 30 extra minutes.

So tonight my son said he wanted to buy a later bedtime with his stars. I asked him if he wanted it for himself only or for all 4 of them. He said all 4 of them because they all wanted to play a card game before bed.

I thought that was really sweet! He could have easily only bought it for himself but he wanted to spend time with all of them.

Just thought I would share something happy!

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What a sweetheart! There is no way that, as a child, I would have included my brothers! I am impressed. I hope they all enjoyed themselves.

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how nice. what a kind soul he is!

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That's a wonderful story and plan. What a sweetheart to include his brothers in his reward. He should get a bonus star for thoughtfulness.

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You are raising some great kids, Mom2.

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