Why can't I get the paint to crackle?

nadastimerFebruary 28, 2002

I've tried the technique of using glue to crackle many projects and each time just turn out more frustrated! I've tried several kinds of glue, I've added a little water, didn't add any, waited for the glue to almost dry, only waited a little bit and aplied the top layer~nothing works! The other night I was taking this old drawer apart to make a caddy to hang my phone in and the one side got kind of loose. So I added some wood glue in the crack to streghten it. I was so tired by that time that I didn't think and turned the drawer right side up and the wood glue dripped all over. So the next morning when I went to add another layer of paint~I got a crackle look in just those couple of spots. So it seems I can only do it when I'm not trying to! LOL I also ended up with some crackled stuff once I sprayed sealer on the project~again I didn't plan to. What am I doing wrong? Any hints or tips?


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I use regular white glue all of the time, never have a problem. I usually paint on the base coat, let dry completely, paint on a coat of glue, let dry completely, paint the top coat, and it always crackles no matter what surface I have done it on, and I have even done it on paper bags. You have to let the glue dry completley. It doesn't matter how thick. The width of the cracks are determined by how thick the top part is, and you can't go back and forth with top coat. just put one brush stroke on and let it do its' thing! LOL! Good luck. Maybe you are fussing too much. Let the glue and paint do it for you!

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Leslie, hide glue will work every time for you.

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