Just finished a weekend of painting with Ros...

paintingfoolFebruary 1, 2010

We had a great seminar this weekend. There were 24 of us painting with Ros Stallcup. Some from South Florida, one from Indiana, several from Alabama and then the girls from Pensacola. I hope you have checked out her website - www.gransgarden.com. If she is ever in your neck of the woods, try to take a class. There was not one person in the room that was not satisfied with their painting. I am attaching copies of mine. However, I had to redo my rose painting a bit because I painted the ribbon upside down!! But I was able to fix it I think.

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absolutely beautiful. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing.
I hope one day I can paint some roses that look that real.

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Both are really beautiful! What upside down ribbon? The roses are to so great but I just love the leaves. And the country garden is awesome!

Thank You for sharing!


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I am totally drooling on my keyboard. The roses are just gorgeous and I love the garden scene too--both so soft and romantic looking. You are such a great painter,Bebe, all your projects come out looking so perfectly wonderful.

There is no way that I could go to her class and come out with anything remotely looking that good! LOL


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When I got home I had to paint out the ribbon. It wasn't too hard to do since we used faux glazing mix to make the ribbon sheer. And I guarantee you if you took a class with her you would come out with a great project. Many of the ladies in the group could not do a rose but when they followed her directions - theirs turned out great.

I just realized I forgot to spatter the bottom of the garden scene. The little bird house is an actual birdhouse in one of the gardens she visited. I saw the photograph of it and she captured the copper roof perfectly.

I painted on three different surfaces each day - as I said I get bored quickly when I am in class if the class is going a bit slow for me. I have a few more things to finish up and then I will put them in our little booth and hope to sell them.

Thanks yall.

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Bebe, hope you will share pics of the other items with us too.

How is your booth doing? Hope you are getting some sales. I worked at my friends little antique/collectibles store last week and not a single customer came in! There are several little antique stores all on the same street, and it is such a neat little town to go visit. I am just so afraid we will lose these cute little stores now that everyone is having to tighten their belts because of the economy.

I think it is so neat that the pearls show up so well on your piece, yet I don't see shading behind them. Is it just because of the different shades of white? Did you paint them on or use the Q tip technique?


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How long were the classes you had with Ros? She will be comming to the midwest in September and I really would like to go, but the classes run 6 days. Wow! That is hard to do, but geeze, I really want to go.

I have never went to classes since my very first lessons in the olden days, and have know idea what to bring, how to carry it, how to dress (my old painting smock?) Can you tell, I am nervous about attending? Please give some or rather lots of advice?

Thanks bunches,

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Luvs, she didn't shade around her pearls but now that you mention it I will be doing a little extra work. Our little booth in the antique shop doesn't sell painted things very well but I have no place else to sell at this time. The consignment gift shops want 30% and that is a bit much for me. I will also put it on my ETSY shop.

Joan, our chapter hired her for only 2 days. We would never get enough people to paint for a week but I would love it. Check and see if they allow for several days rather than a week.

You would be fine in her class, several our our members were not good painters but she helped them. You should check with the place they are having the class to find out what you need to bring. She sometimes furnishes the paint. And we had some people wearing old painters smocks, their husbands shirts, aprons, etc. I am not a messy painter and I wore my regular every day clothes. Now when you get all the info, post it here or email me at angelbrush1@yahoo.com and I will let you know if you are missing anything. Normally it is your regular stuff and she will also give a list of the size brushes she uses.

I know you will really love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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Thanks for the encouragement, I emailed a long list of questions to the chapter and will post it in conversations when I recive it. I wonder if anyone here is going, it will be in Chicago.

Again Thank you,

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I attended Roz's Midwest Seminar near Chicago a few years ago and it was great. I love her things and have most of her books. I'm only 3 1/2 hrs from there. I have a friend who has attended every year for several years.I would like to go again but I get antsy in 6 days. It's certainly a great time!


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Thanks for the input. I am now convienced that I should change vacation plans with DH and attend.

I live a bit more than two hours away from there, south and near the Indiana border. If you go let me know, it would be great if we can meet.


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I love them both! I have always loved how Ros paints roses and you did an awesome job on both the rose project and the garden, just beautiful!

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Oh both of them turned out beautiful and it sounds like you enjoy being in her class. I would love to take a class from her or You!


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Nice Job on the painting projects!
As Luvs said,"no way could I have been in that class"
altho it was right here in town. Never have been able to do roses....
Bebe, back in the 'olden days' in the 70's, when I took classes, I always took an extra surface to paint on, because I seemed to get finished before the others, and I hated the waiting. Took the extras to sell.

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