Does the perfect 'white' trim color exist?

KayceeFLMay 23, 2011

Currently, the baseboards, door frames and doors in our house are a honey oak (the same color as the cabinets we removed). They clash terribly with the new chocolate maple cabinets, so I would like to paint them. What is the best "white" for the job? Also, any pointers on painting over stained wood? TIA


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uh oh...look into the cost of trim in paint grade pine or poplar at your lumber yard-you can easily set them up and prime and paint and have a carpenter cut and install. Not sure oak will give you the look you want-and you will have so many edges, etc...New trim is what I'd do.Can you perhaps darken the oak with a gel or wiping stain to get it closer to the look?

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We painted similar trim in much of our house -- only it was stained a dark walnut color. You need to sand lightly and use a good primer first. We had windows, base moldings, crown moldings and stair newels to paint. I wouldn't want to replace all those just to switch to white -- paint is much cheaper!

My favorite white trim color is Behr's Swiss Coffee, in a semi-gloss latex enamel. Funny name for a white paint. It's just a *slightly* warm white -- not ivory or cream, though.

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I use BM Swiss Coffee for all my friends insist it's WHITE, but it's a creamy white, not blue.

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I'm not sure where you are located, but Devine Whip is what we used and I LOVE it! It's warm without being yellow at all. It's a lovely nice shade of white...

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Hi Kaycee..

I also use Swiss Coffee for all my trim and ceilings etc...
and as gmangia said, It's a creamy white.. I have dark chocolate cabs too..


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would look at BM White Dove (or is it Dove White).

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we used bm simply white 10 years ago and I still love it. it is not stark white, it is a little creamy.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

herbflavor: new baseboards, doors, windowsills, etc., are not an option after the kitchen remodel due to the budget and the fact that I am done with anything except a small, DIY project right now. LOL

KA: I love your chocolate cabinets and the Swiss Coffee seems to work well with it. Definately going to give that one a try.

I see some paint samples in my near future.

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We've used BM "White Linen" -- more creamy than those listed above. Our library has this trim along with Hershey-wrapper-brown gloss walls. (Don't recall the real name of the shade of brown, but it's dark.)

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We are also using BM White Linen. I found out about it here. I love it.

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I had to make a quick decision on which white trim paint to buy just the other day! Definitely get your hands on some white swatches and see how they look in various rooms of your house at different times of the day, if possible. The natural and artificial lighting will all affect how the colors read.

Some of the colors recommended to me were:

Decorators White (blue tint)
White Dove (too gray)
Linen White (too yellow)
Super White (blue tint)
Simply White (PERFECT!)

But, what works in our home, may not work in yours. Your perfect white might be Decorators White, or White Dove, etc.

Best of luck with your decision!

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I just bought behr's polar bear, love it. it's a cooler white than swiss coffee but still not 'whiteout' white.

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Another Swiss Coffee here. Mine is Kelly Moore. Not sure if it is the same swiss coffee as BM and Behr's! If it isn't - funny how they all use that name!

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My trim is Kilz, Irish coffee. It is a bit darker than I would like in some of my rooms, but is definately creamy, not at all blue.

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I am using Simply White by BM on the trim and like it very much. The walls are BM Mascarpone. When I talked to the color consultant at the paint store (I don't know if that is her title, but it seems like a good one) asking about a good off-white for the walls to go with my cherry cabinets, medium dark oak floors, and Millenium Cream granite, she said "oh, you want a warm white" and proceeded to pick out her five favorite "warm" whites. They were Mascarpone, linen white (which she described as BM's all-time most popular paint color), ivory white, cloud white, and simply white. She also suggested that if I wanted the trim to be a different white than the walls, I could use one of the creamier whites for the walls and Simply White for the trim. That is what I decided to do. I decided on the Mascarpone for the walls as it looked better with my granite than the others and also is a good match for my Rixi Crema tile on the backsplash.

I am very sensitive to fumes, etc., so have been using BM Natura paint. It's expensive but I think it is worth it.

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Hah! I think it is "Linen White" by BM. Isn't "White Linen" a fragrance? Or am I confusing that with "White Shoulders"? lol

Really, by the time the house was ready for paint, I was too tired to know what I was doing!

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All the trim in my house is white. I am super picky about paint colors, and my favorite ended up being "Betsy's Linen" by American Tradition/Valspar. It is a soft, but bright white with a yellow base so it goes beautifully with wood - no veering into blue or pink or drab tones. Four years later and it still looks beautiful. As a matter of fact, we are painting the exterior trim this year in the same color, just the exterior version of the paint. We've used Valspar in this house and our previous house and I will never use any other brand again, except for BM which is divine but very pricey. FYI, we tried Behr, Porter Paints, and Sherwin Williams, but still come back to Valspar or BM.

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I've got some trim Benjamin Moore Simply White and some Behr Swiss Coffee. Both are really nice, although in my space, the Simply White is "brighter".

White Dove was too gray for my house.

I've recently bought a sample of Lowe's newest paint line by Valspar called Allen & Roth AR1016 Great White Way.

It's a really mellow, soft white.

A tip I read once was to buy the small craft paints. Paint them on sample boards to find a color you like, then take the board and have it color matched at your favorite paint dealer. The small 2oz bottles are cheap, you can get them less than $1. If you're near Hobby Lobby, they have Americana brand on sale this week for .77. I just bought a few for one of my kid's school projects. I found Americana and Folk Art brand ready mixed in colors called Warm White, Ivory White, Wicker White, French Vanilla, Winter White, Titanium White, Vintage White, White Wash etc. There are tons more in other brands too. You could also try mixing them to arrive at your perfect color.

Here's another "help" for finding the perfect color (see link).

Here is a link that might be useful: Getting White Right

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laura mcleod

We went with SW Dover White for all the trim and kitchen cabinetry - not too white, not too creamy - just right (for the light in our house, which makes a difference) - every house is different. :-)

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I'm begining to think the answer to my question is "no". Apparently, one white does not fit all. LOL Sounds like there are too many variables when considering white trim paint for this to be a simple process. After all the kitchen decisions, I don't think my brain can handle any more right now (hence the reason we are living with a painted backsplash for the time being). LOL

I think the best thing for me to do is print this thread, buy some samples, paint some some trim and stare at it for a while to see what "works".

Thanks to all for your input! I wouldn't have even known where to begin.

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Been using Cloud White (not White Cloud). Love how real white it is.

When I asked this question last week (I was looking for a really bright, in-your-face-blinding white that would really stand out against an ivory/cream wall color. I did get a lot of responses. There was Super White, Sherwin Williams High Reflectance White.

Here's the thread where lots of folks chimed in with their suggestions:

Here is a link that might be useful: Whites

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Love Swiss Coffee. We used Greek Villa. I dont' remember if it's a SW color that I had BM make up or a BM color. Anyway, I used it on trim and ceilings. It's perfect for us.

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This color is beautiful on the cabinet (flat) door but has a greyish or even blackish hue on the crown molding. Is this a common problem? Any other paint (maker and name) that does not have this problem? I prefer the crown molding to stay white. Thanks

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