Mexican Tiles

emtnestFebruary 15, 2009

I found a website that has the mexican hand painted tiles 6" for $1.42 ea. and free shipping. You have to order a min. of 15. I wanted some yellow tile and the ones at the tile places are like $4 ea. So I feel like I got a great deal. I had to type in yellow tile in their search to find the tile section.

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct from Mexico

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I feel a fiesta coming on....I bought some tiles off Ebay a long time ago, they keep telling me that they need some company!!
Great link ! Thanks : )

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What a nice site. Just LOOK at those red tiles. I didn't go to the tile factory this last trip cuz I think their tiles are too expensive. I paid $1.00 each for 2X2 tiles. However, their free shipping AND the patterned tiles - it's a great deal. Check out Lowes/Home Depot for solid colors. FLAG and I shared a box of red 4X4 - a box of 100 for $75.00 special order - .75 cents a tile. The other colors were a tad cheaper - red being the most expensive.

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What an amazing site. Do you thinkthe tiles would hold up outside in snow country? (Used in mosaic, grouted etc)

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Oh how I love those pattern tiles, it's so hard getting things shipped to Canada, darn!

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Concreteprimroses... well we have snow and I have not brought anything in. I have things out that have the mexican tiles on as well..might depend on how cold and how long...we thaw out pretty fast here. My daughter in law in Canada says they can't leave anything out. They are below 0 for long periods of time.
Squirrelycanadian, where in Canada are you? My kids are in Ontario and I will be making the trip maybe Aug or Sept. to see a new baby that is in the oven right now...

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