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anjabeeFebruary 15, 2011

Just to let you all know...the decorative painting store is having a sale on older painting books, some starting at .50 and up. I was told that today is the last day of the sale. I just bought a couple for .50 and 1.50 each. My shipping was $3 so not too bad. Lots of good books to choose from. Here's the link if you're interested:

Here is a link that might be useful: Decorative Painting Store Sale

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Thanks for sharing that site, Anj. I went and looked and saw a couple I might like--but decided to resist since I haven't painted anything from my other new purchases yet! What a great bargain though. Luvs

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I'm with you Luvs......lots of nice things to look at but I have so many projects I want to paint that I have stopped buying anything printed......well maybe stopped.


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Got my books! So happy with them. Got some ideas on some projects! I'm excited!

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Got mine as well. Three are really great, but the 4th book I think I will pass along to someone else.

One of the books is Blooms of My Favorite Flowers by Chieko Yuguchi and she is awesome and she uses acrylics. Each flower has a colored picture, pattern and a diagram of the shading and highlights as well as a work sheet showing each of the 7 steps. I have a rose that I am practicing. Not doing toooooooo bad, but I am doing it on watercolor paper and there is just to much tooth. Think I will try putting a liquid sealer on the paper and do another rose.


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