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mom_of_2.5February 22, 2009

The dirty truth about me, I'm afraid, is that I'm far too needy for a family vacation. After 5 days I am SO TIRED of competing for my DH's attention! I can't ask if he'd like something to drink without waiting my turn in line behind the kids. The first couple days were cool, but today I found myself dreaming of Vegas and a grown up vacation.

MY SS, was pretty good for the first two days, but has steadily gone downhill. Today he got really angry at an amusement park because he was 1" under the limit to drive a bumper car. My DS was 1" above. SS could not conceive how he is 10 mo's older, but not entitled to something that DS is. The fun just kept coming when he didn't win a prize at a game, he walked away and punched a garbage can.

Last night I dreamt that DH had filed for divorce because the tension between SS and I stresses him out and dumping me was just easier.

Vacation has been fun....but I wanna go home.....

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A couple vacation is way more relaxing than a family one! My dh and I NEVER went anywhere without the kids till last year. We were invited to a Vegas wedding and we left the kids with family and went. It was 4 days of bliss!! Only doing what we wanted to do and going where we wanted to go and sleeping till we wanted to get up! I really think it brought us closer!

We decided we needed to do a mini-vacation without the kids at least once a year. This year we went into a large tourist city near us and stayed in a nice hotel for two days. Walked around the city during the day and enjoyed our hotel room and eachothers company in the evening. We even got room service once!

We have found that our most relaxing family vacations are in nature...not amusement parks! We went to a cabin a few years ago and spent the week at the beach and in the lake and doing water sports. Everyone had fun and got along. We went camping a few times last summer and again lots of fun with little complaining.

This summer we are doing it again for our family vacation.

I HATE amusement parks!!! We went to one last summer and the kids were brats! I vowed that our amusement park days are over. Too much whining about walking, prizes, wanting this or that, and everyone wants to go on a different ride.

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I hate to break it to you but I have never found family vacations "relaxing." They are FUN and it's AWESOME to see the kids experience new things...but relaxing they are not! :)

As a child, we went somewhere every spring break, every summer break and some winter breaks, as well---as a FAMILY. BUT my parents also took 2-3 trips ALONE as well, and I remember being soooo jealous! Haha. Now I see why they did that!

Family vacations are wonderful but I think it's important for any marriage/relationship to have adult time, too.

Can you and your DH plan a short mini-break together for a long weekend?

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lol are so vacations are in no way fund and relaxing. That is just the truth. What you get from them are good memories with the kids. You are giving them something of substance to their childhood, it has nothing to do with the parents having a "vacation" lol.

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we learned the hard way to always have a few days off AFTER we return from a family vacation to recuperate before going back to work. Though we always have fun, we totally need a few days to recover. Bonus if the kids can go see grandma and grandpa during those days! :-)

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