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pezabelleFebruary 28, 2011

I am looking for very good DVD's on flowers, especially roses and iris' done with acrylics like Americana or Ceramcoat. Maybe I will have to go into Traditions to get the quality I want, but I hope not.

I have recently purchased several DVD's and am very disappointed with the contents.

As most of you know me, I like things to look real when it comes to flowers and birds, and these just fit the bill.

DVD's are not cheap, so before I waste any more money, I need some advise.


PS It's snowing hard again!

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I'm another one who likes to paint realistic animals and flowers but I am one who has always learned from books, not DVD's. Out of curiosity which DVD's did you purchase? Maybe I'll still know of some artists that have DVD's more to your liking. Some that come to mind are Priscilla Hauser, Ros Stallcup, Susan Scheewe, and Sherry Nelson, to name a few.

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I like Sherry Nelson and an trying to figure out which of her DVD I want the most.

I have several from Patricia Rawlinson and they are mostly tips on painting, stroke work, etc. I also have one by Corilee on Sunflowers - more impressionistic than I like. The other is by Susan Scheewe and it covers just to many things, but she is easy to follow unlike PR's which you view upside down. DH is making me a holder for my computer so I can turn it upside down to view the DVD right side up. Hope it works.

This latest venture into flowers and birds sure has taught me that I am a visual learner. And although I really like Shirley Koenig's patterns, her instructions are hard to follow! You really have to know that there is 20 steps in each of her leaves....just kidding, there are only 6 or 7 or 8 or.......but her work is beautiful and I'll get there someday, God willing and the creek don't rise!


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I'm a little prejudiced here - I love Sherry Nelson's birds and animals. I have taken classes with her and I can tell you she is very informed on the birds she paints. I think her directions are easy to follow. Just my opinion. For cute animals I like Peggy Harris.

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AH! Bebe....you are so right! My only problem is that she uses oil paints and I have tried my best not to change mediums, not only because of the difference in strokes but the cost of changing paints and brushes. And lets face it...I'm not smart enough to convert oils to acrylics. Maybe after I have gotten more comfortable with the difference in strokes that it takes to paint a bird or flower. With my practice rose I keep thinking about how I shaded and highlighted my snowmen or whatever I was painting......it just seems to different and I know it's really not, is it?


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it really isn't that hard to convert an oil project to acrylics. The beauty of acrylics is that they are so versatile. With the mediums available these days you can make them act like oils or thin them with water and use them as watercolors. I have several books by Susan Scheewe because I love her landscapes and birds. All can be easily converted to acrylics.
I do love painting birds and other animals and Sherry Nelson's books haven't scared me off one bit even though most are for oils. I also find her instructions extremely easy compared to most.
Other favorites for painting birds and animals are Nancy Dale Kinney, Willow Wolfe, Carol Forsyth, Jo Hollingsworth, Mary McCullah, Glenice Moore, and Barbara Baatz to name a few. Too many projects and too little time. lol

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KF....THANKS for all of the artists names, most of which I have not seen, so I will be doing a lot of googling.

I have been practicing Cheiko Yuguchi's style of painting roses in acrylics. Her's are beautiful, the colors are ok but the look of her petals are really life like. But my choice of surfaces, watercolor paper, isn't smooth enough for all of her floats, which is all but the base coat, so I will try it on a smooth susrface.

Again, TY!


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Have you used floating medium with your acrylics on your watercolor paper? It will make a world of difference.

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Yes, although at first I used the artists directions, she moistens the area to be floated, then puts down the float using only water.

I went ahead and sealed the watercolor paper and tried again, and also tried some stroke roses and the sealed area is much easier with less drag.

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