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ronbreFebruary 21, 2009

I'm new to this forum, just spotted it while browsing through some of the other ones. I've been doing decorative painting for about 50 years, but have given all of it away or lost it in our house fire, but browsing this site it has gotten me interested in getting back into it again.

I'm just now getting back into having time for myself and being able to do things that I enjoy, and finding this site has given me a desire to do that..thanks.

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Hi ronbre! and Welcome to our fun little forum. We have such a good time here and would love to have you join us. There are 3 sections here Gallery, Discussions and Conversations that you can switch between. Just want to make sure you noticed. Took some of us a while to figure that out (me) ha so I try to make sure everyone sees it. We look forward to having you share some projects with us or just join in our chats. Everyone here is very sweet so don't be shy! Don't know if you are a freehand painter or use patterns, but look for the post on freebie patterns. Lots of fun sites with free patterns to paint. Talk to you soon and if you need help with posting pics or anything just ask. =) ~Anj

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Welcome Ronbre, nice to have you joining in. We would love to have you here with us. Sometimes we get a little slow if none of us have finished a project, but even then we try to chat with each other over on the conversations side. I know you will have fun looking at all the projects posted here and in our gallery too. Hope you will be motivated to pick up your brushes again and share your projects with us. So sorry about your fire. Luvs

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I'm glad you took time to post and like Ang and Luvs said we love to have new ones joinging our forum. I have been so stinkin busy this week that I haven't had time to jump on here much but I love to come here to kick back and enjoy. Punk

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Welcome ronbre!

We will all be looking forward to seeing some of your work.

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