Will repainting old tole tray destroy value?

pinkpaulaFebruary 19, 2010

I have an old 21 x 27 inch tole tray with areas of missing paint. In fact, entire roses are missing as well as leaves. The underlying black paint is also in poor condition. I am familiar with tole techniques, and I have been painting in oil for quite a long time. In other words, I will not make a mess out of the repair.

My question is, will repainting the missing areas destroy the value of the tray?

Is it better to leave it in its worn condition?

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Pink Paula....that is a very hard question without knowing the age of the tray or seeing a picture of the tray.

In most cases if you do anything to repair an antique you loss the value. If it was painted by a family member from long ago, you change the past memories to current memories and the long ago is forgotten.

So how about posting a picture and sharing more information about the tray.


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I don't think my tray was ever a valuable piece. I got it at an auction for $15.00. It had dried on splashes of white wall paint drizzled over it as well as the missing original paint. There are no memories attached to it.

Take a look at the attached pictures. The first four pictures show the missing paint. All I had done at that point was remove the splashed white paint. Someone else had already tampered with/repainted the gold swirled design around the edge. They didn't do a very neat job, so I feel comfortable in "doctoring" this tray.

The last four pictures show the work I have done so far. I have a long way to go, but I think it will be ok for a decorative piece, not for anything grand by any stretch of the imagination.


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Thank You for sharing the pictures, it is a beautiful tray.

Your repairs look great and yes you should continue to repaint and refinish the tray, then take another picture to share with us!


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Pink Paula,
What a beautiful tray you are creating. It does look like you've put alot of work into it already. Now I think it will be special for you and others to come. Please share more pictures of your paintings with us.

We get alittle slow over here and are always ready to Welcome someone new. Sorry I didn't post when I first read your post. I'm not as smart as Belle to ask for a picture.LOL


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Belle and Punk
Thanks for the encouragement! We can all use a little of that from time to time.

Usually, I paint landscapes and still lifes in oil on canvas; however, I also enjoy decorative painting of all types.

I am including a few examples of floor cloths I painted for my house. The one with the strawberries fit quite well on top of one of my tables, so I let it stay there ;-) The other two have held up to heavy foot traffic on the floor---as they were intended.

The last picture is of two vintage tole trays I hung in my kitchen. I do not plan to do any painting on them. I like their "character".

Thank you for the warm welcome to this forum. I will continue to work on repainting the tole tray I originally discussed, and I will return for much-appreciated help from all of you.


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I don't have flash player on my laptop, so unfortunately I can't see your pictures. Glad to have you coming by to share with us, and I hope your tray turns out great. Luvs

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Luvs....this is what I do...Copy the address in PinkPaula's post. Then open another inner net page,(like your internet explorer) at the top is the site address, left click on this addy and then hit delete. Now click in that space and paste the copied address and hit enter. You now should be at the site of her pictures. Wish I knew the proper name for all of this stuff - but I hope it gets you there.

Paula....WoW! Your table is awesome! The trays are super great and your oils are really great! Please post more! They are all a joy to view. Do you display them in your home? I sure would!


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Thank you! Yes, my house is becoming TOO covered in my art work. My family is about to get a few "gifts" so I can start on new ones.

I enjoyed making the floor cloths, but the process is long and can be stinky with 7 coats of varnish to apply. That type of work is best done outside in nice weather.

I finished the tole tray I was trying to restore. The yellow rose turned out a little rough due to a lot of cracked original paint as well as a little rust. Here are the final pictures:


Now, on to the next project!

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Thanks for trying to help Belle, but that is exactly what I did--it just tells me that I need flashplayer to view it, and my laptop is a 64 bit and flashplayer requires a 32 bit, so I can't even download the free copy of Flashplayer! Bummer, huh? I'll open it on my DH's computer so I can see it.

Nice to have you here sharing your projects with us,Paula.


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