some old art work i found

luthienFebruary 9, 2009

hello ladies!

it's been a long time :) i hope everyone is well and painting :) i have been busy... still busy... which is good becos it means my bills get paid :) finished training a group of guys and gals for a show which was successfully performed on the 23rd jan, then it was chinese new year... busy busy visiting and entertaining... and now i'm on another job training another group for their show in the middle of march :) and what have you all been up to? i saw a couple of unfamiliar names on the forum... our family has grown again which is fantastic :))) saw some really nice new paintings... i am so envious cos i haven't made or paintied a thing since christmas! pathetic :( and *sigh* dun see myself having time to paint at least until the march show is over :)) but during chinese new year, i was rummaging thru my old pictures and came across a couple of stuff i did a while ago. just wanted to share them here :)

the first one is a stool for a small girl. my friend's daughter who loves barney and baby bop (is it?) to bits. so i painted her a stool where she can sit and tie her shoelace :) dun think she needs it anymore tho :)))

the second one is a card holder. so you can imagine the size of that box :) this one was for another friend... her husband actually... he loves collecting vintage cars and at that time bought a green mini. my friend asked if i could paint a car! man! i told her i could paint flowers only... but i tried anyway. got a couple of automobile magazines as guide and it took a great deal of patience to get the car right. but i was really delighted with the result and so was frankie (the receiver of the card holder) it's green after all and has his car's plate number on it :))))

hope i can come back often... but i will try as much as i can. in the meantime take care :) and have a creative week!

Here is a link that might be useful: pimp & paint

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Luthien, you are an amazing artist. I am so impressed with the car you painted. It looks so perfect, so much detail and shading and hiliting. You did a wonderful job on it.

Love the little stool too. Barney is a fav of my little GD and her Grandpa too! LOL

Sounds like you are keeping so busy, hope you are having fun too. We'll be here anytime you get the time to come by. Take care.


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Hey, just stopped in real quick to say HEY! Have your ears been burning? We were just talking about you last week over on Conversations. ha Glad you had a sec to come visit. I'm not a Barney fan, but that stool is super cute. And you did a fantastic job on that car...especially seeing how small it is. You've definitely got talent!
Gotta dash. Good to hear from you! Come by again when you get a chance! ~Anj

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Hi, Luthien

The car is amazing - it must have taken you a long time to do it. I bet your friend was thrilled. I don't have kids, but the Barney is cute.

I guess I'm one of the newbies. Was a lurker for a long time. Hope you post again.


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Luthien it is so good to see you posting again. I've really missed you joining in with all of us. My GD would love your Barney and Baby Bop stool and DH would love your old car. You did a great job painting both of these. What does your stool say on it?

Sounds like you are as busy as the rest of us. Your job sounds interesting as well as alot of fun. I hope it is and like you said it pays the bills and that is so important.

Come back whenever you have time. Speedy RL2

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hello ladies!
thank you so much for all you sweet comments! most of all... hey! it's nice to talk to you again :)))

luvs :) yea... it's been a busy year so far and oh yes! i'm really enjoying it :)))

anj :) no wonder my ears have changed colors!!! lol!!! i really miss you all too :)))

hello cc :) nice to hear from you! and am glad you're no longer just a lurker! this forum is a lot of fun!!!

phonegirl :) hmm... i actually forgot what i wrote on the stool... it has been quite a while :)) but it was for a little girl named deanna... think you can actually faintly make out her name there :))

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