Making small house look bigger inside

Shades_of_idahoJuly 11, 2011

My french doors have arrived for the studio and guest rooms. Friend ,Ray, said he is not sure he can make them work. Sure hoping so. They are thicker than the doors we already have and he said he will have to alter the stops????

I am hoping the glass in the doors will help to make the hallway brighter and since we will be able to see beyond the doors from the inside it might make the rooms feel larger too.

I will have to take a picture of the hallway with doors as it is now, closed, then see how much difference the glass doors make. They sure are heavy!!!


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I hope he can make it work too. That would be a real letdown after wanting something for a long time.

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Well if they do not work he will still leave them here and they will become art for the front porch!!! He said if they did not work they would go to the dump. NOT on your life!!!! LOL

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I'm not there to see it, but I can't imagine that they can't be made to work. The 'stops' are simply strips of molding that can be removed and relocated.

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Did you have to special order it? I found it wasn't easy finding a sliding glass door for my LR area. It's only a little over 75" high. most are higher than that. I guess they could have enlarged the opening but I think dbf figured that'd cost as much or more than the one he had them order.

be sure to take those pics - it'll be interesting to see the difference. I think it'll be great!

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The doors are used doors our friend brought up. He and my husband have to work on another project today. Will see when he can get time to try to put them in.

I will get the pictures.

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