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ttoddFebruary 5, 2008

I just found this forum. I've been a member of Gardenweb since about 2002 but am usually on the decorating forum.

I started painting about 20yrs. ago but stopped because it was becoming less pleasurable as an outlet of stress for me and became more of a business. I primarily painted birdhouses and decorative furniture. My parents always supported me and pushed me to do more and out of rebellion I guess, I pitched it in my early 20's.

I've wanted to paint again so much but 'life' always got in the way so w/ DH's blessing I quit my FT job in July to spend more time w/ our boys & 'find my art and me' again.

Anyways it's been nearly 15yrs since I painted anything and then out of the clear blue sky last Thursday my 4 yr old son asked my to paint a picture of Rudolph. What a rush!!! I've started my 2nd canvas now & feel so good! I can't wait to do furniture again (my dad builds furniture).

Is anyone from the Lancaster PA area? What happened to Steph's Folk Art Studio?

So here's Rudolph! The camera didn't pick it up but I painted iridescent clear paint on the tops of the snow mounds and dotted it on the falling snow.

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I'm new to this forum, also. I really like your painting! Would love to see your ideas for spring flowers on a mailbox cover and for summer flowers.
I'm not an artist, but am feeling creative about decorating a few things around the house. I can't find mailbox covers that I like or am willing to pay for, so i plan to try painting a vinyl magnetic cover for Spring and if it turns out OK, maybe the summer.
I don't know what paint to use (I posted a message on this forum).
Your reindeer is so pleasant to look at!

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Welcome to the forum ttodd and zinia. We have several painters that stop by here when they have projects to share. Hope the two of you will continue to share your pics with us and jump in and comment on any/all of the other posts too.

Your little reindeer is very cute. I think I even see swirls that make me think the wind is blowing! I'm sure your son was thrilled with it.

Zinia, what style of painting do you like? There is a list of free pattern sites on one of the posts here. Anj just recently bumped it up again, so it should be on the first page. You might look at some of those for an idea of what to paint on your mailbox cover. I've never painted on vinyl, so can't say what paints work on it. You might want to go to a site like Plaid and ask there about what paints to use for painting it. Can't wait to see your pics when done.


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Welcome ttodd and zinia!!

ttodd~ love your reindeer and I'm sure you DS did too! It doesn't look like you've lost any of your talent by not painting for so many years. So glad you've picked it back up and are excited about it again. I love to paint as a stress reliever, but then I've never sold any of mine. Hope you'll stay with us and share your projects....even some of your older ones if you have pics!

zinia~ sorry I had no advice on painting your vinyl magnet on the other post. Hopefully someone else will have some knowledge of it for you.

Don't forget to check out our Gallery for more great projects and come on over to the Conversation side to chat about non-paint related subjects! ~Anj

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Welcome to both of you!

ttodd, love the rudolph! Wow, what a lucky little boy you have!

zinia, I would try regular craft paints and then spray with an outdoor sealer. Just not sure if the sealer would be flexable to wrap over the mail box. Hope someone else has a better suggestion.

You will love this group of people. They are kind, caring, and oh so very talented!
Definetly check out the Gallery, as Anj suggested.

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This is the first time I've used this forum, although I've been looking at if for some time. I'm from PA, but not the Lancaster area, however, I have been to Steph's several times. I haven't been there since 11/06. What do you mean "what happened to Steph's". Are they no longer open??

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I love your painting. I do some decoarative painting, did a Bob Ross class a while back and plan on doing more and now am looking for a portrait painting class.

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I took my first serious painting course at Steph's about 14yrs ago and would go back and take classes. Since I moved out of the area 10 yrs. ago I haven't really been back but recently decided to check out what classes are going on as I am now working PT. The lady that bought the studio from Steph (that's who taught my first intense tole course) has seemingly downsized it to a smaller place (same area right beside the old Steph's). Now maybe the site is still VERY under construction, but under staff only 1 person is listed. There aren't really any seminar's listed nor many classes. The thing that hit me most was that the home page read 'We want you back". After reading about the downsize, 1 staff person, etc. I wondered where everybody went? I always remembered a jam-packed class schedule w/ teachers from everywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Steph's now The 1837 House

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I took a class at Steph's about 4 years ago and, as I mentioned, try to get back there to shop once or twice a year. As a matter of fact, I was planning to go around mid-March. I'm sorry to hear that they've downsized. Maybe they priced themselves right out of the painting market. They were getting pretty 'steep' the last time I was there, although they do have beautiful things. If I do decide to go in March (weather depending) I'll let you know what's going on.

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Thanks, I'd really appreciate that! I just checked the site again as I was potentially interested in one ongoing class & I don't see it listed anymore and I was just looking at it again on Saturday.

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