Happy Valentine's Day

luvstocraftFebruary 14, 2008

In case anyone is stopping by here, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

I sure hope some of us get a chance to be creative and paint some projects soon, our forum here is pretty inactive lately.

I had a couple of patterns I wanted to try but could never seem to find just the right surface to paint them on. Maybe next year. (How many times have I said that?) LOL

If you ever just want to chat and it's not Painting related, just click on "Conversations", and we can all get better acquainted there.

Enjoy your day.


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Happy Valentines Day to you Luvs! Sorry, I've only had a few seconds each day to zoom thru here. Monday is a holiday so I'm trying to get things in place to make it a painting day! My DM retired last Friday and since she still can't drive I've been her chauffer driving her around to appts and grocery shopping. Takes a big chunk out of my already busy day. It's science fair time again here so you know what that means. Big stresser for me. Plus Hawaii is sneaking up on me! Only 15 more days until we leave!! So I've had to make time for exercise and tanning. ha Big priority. ha And the ongoing bathroom saga. Did I tell you he started the tile??? Anyway, we'll hope for painting on Monday and I still need to post pics of the horse.
Happy V-day everyone. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Congrats to your Mom, know that's a great feeling for her to get to retire. My DH is counting down the days until he can retire too.

No problem with the painting, I know you are super busy. Don't worry about it, just get ready for your trip, you can paint when you get back. You're gonna love Hawaii--always takes me a couple of days to unwind from the rush rush rush over here, things are much more laid back in Hawaii. The scenery, the flowers, the ocean, the rainbows--you're gonna love it. :o)


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