At last! I can show the totes

citytransplantFebruary 18, 2010

Painted this before Chritmsas and finally... here they are!

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Yea, you did it! So glad you didn't give up, CT.

Cute totes. I think I recognize the 2nd one as an Annie Lange design, she always does cute designs. Love the way you did the background so soft like that. And who wouldn't love watermelons and sun flowers?

Are these items for gifts or for yourself? Isn't it great that we can paint on so many different surfaces.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your other items too. I couldn't open the Photobucket link you posted because it requires Flashplayer and I can't load it on my laptop--something about my laptop being 64 bit and Flashplayer needs 32 bit. I don't understand "computereze", always thought more was better than less! LOL


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Rah Rah Rah so happy for all of us. Most of all that you got it figured out again! But you know we love to see wonderful projects and looks like you have two. They turned out so cute and thanks for sharing.


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Thanks you Luvs and Punk and a BIG thanks to Ang for being so patient. Next I will try to make the pictures a bit larger. Not huge, but bigger.

I gave them to my GD who is very eco friendly. I know it takes a lot of bags for groceries and such. We use the old green ones and anything I can get my hands on, but she is so cute and so young that I though she should have something to suit her personality.


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Joan....your tote are to good to be used! The little angle is adorable...sure does look like a Lange as Luvs mentioned. Her patterns are always fun.

And the little girl sitting one the watermelon, how cute.

I have been toying with the idea of getting totes, but when I asked DH if he would use one when shopping.......he gave me one of those "You've got to be kidding" After looking at yours I think I will "veto" him.

Thanks for sharing!


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Okay, let's see how this works

href="¤t=P1010051.jpg" target="_blank">


Oh Belle, these photos are working great!
I am going t go back to the trunk and totes messages to show larger pictures, now that I can do this.

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Oh, I am in the totes messages. Silly me... here they are.

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