what kind of painting do you like?

rhonniFebruary 2, 2003

Hi all! Noticed there are alot of painters on this board but not alot of activity. So, thought I'd start some. What kind of decorative painting do you all do? My first love was faux finishing, then i dbbled in tole and stenciling. Now I do alot of the One Stroke technique. I find it is faster than tole painting and with practice, it seems to get easier and easier.

OK, so, what do YOU like to do?

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I agree with you the one stroke is faster than tole painting the regular way, I find some things I like to do with one stroke and some I like the old way, I also like to do oil painting on canvas. I found the prices of the frames were killing me, so when visiting my son in southern california, we took a trip to TiJuanna where I got frames considerably less, so now I have a stock to pull from, just need to get back to the oils again after a long layoff. ha ha I also have had fun painting animals with rocks, these have been welcome gifts, and look cute in flower beds.

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Hi, I would love to see this forum busier myself. I paint on anything that doesn't move. I oil paint, paint murals, paint on furniture. I do alot of crafts which involves alot of painting on glass. I do traditional painting and decorative painting but took Donna Dewberry's certification class last year. Now I am teaching a couple of classes a week and loving it.

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Rhonni, I do mostly oils on canvas. Let's get this forum moving! We can't spend ALL of our time painting, you know? LOL

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I am a muralist-- I just love to paint! This weekend I painted a mural as a volunteer at a crisis abuse center. I love to volunteer ALMOST as much as I love to get paid! I have four little kids, though, so I don't have nearly as much time as I would like.....

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OK - we're slowly but surely getting this forum moving again. Does anyone have a picture trail? I don't yet, but.....so what has everyone been painting?

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Rhonni, what do you mean by a picture trail? A portfolio of our work?
I haven't done it yet, but have been wanting to for years. Isn't that pathetic?
This could be another one of my projects since I am retired now.
I'd love to see everyone's work.
Let's try to post pictures.
I'll see what I can do. I have the directions on how to post the picture into the message, but I have never tried it. We'll see.
Let's really try to keep the forum going. Shoot, even if we "talk" about other things too. Okay?

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Hey Lu; I think it's picturetrail.com where you can (for free with limited space allotment) post pictures of whatever - alot of painters use it to show their work. I'm already my own worst critic so I'm not worried about criticism, but also very modest, so don't want to "brag" - so, have never signed up.

Haven't been painting too much lately, just a couple special orders for bird feeders my husband makes and I paint. Have a pretty regular customer there. No craft shows until the fall, and not sure I want to keep doing those, or at least not alot of them.

Painting is my fave hobby, gardening is a close second in the spring/summer.

I would love to see some pics of yours or others work. There must be a way to post pictures to this forum but I have to honestly say I haven't checked into it yet. SO are there any other decorative painters out there? Crafters? Um,.......ok, gonna let someone else talk now...... :)

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I like simple painting (no shading, etc). I love to paint on rocks and christmas balls.

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Hi! I like it all!!! No wonder I have a hard time completing anything!!!

Actually, my history of artwork is land and seascapes either in oil or acrylic. I also have done lots of decorative painting and dabble in watercolors-mostly florals there.
I am now doing portraits! And I love it!!!

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I have wanted to be an artist since I was a child, but it hasn't happened yet! I took oil classes about 15 years ago. I had this dream of painting like the guy on PBS. Just flick your brush around on the canvas and voila - a painting! I chose to do a landscape of the Texas hill country with a field of bluebonnets in class. My teacher wanted me to paint each bluebonnet individually! To begin with, I was tired when I got to class. I had a baby and a 2 year old, worked all day, then drove 30 miles to my class. I told my teacher that I had hoped that I had talent and the art would come easy to me. She told me that painting is 10% talent and 90% hard work. Well.....that did it for me! LOL I finished my section of classes and have never taken again. Even 15 years later I still have the desire.

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MaryAnn, go for it! And don't listen to negative people like that teacher. Seems to me she couldn't have been much of a teacher. I have a neighbor who took three painting lessons when she was nine....she was so good at it that I would never have known they were painted by a nine year old. She has them framed and hanging on the wall in her living room even now and she is 81 years old! But, at the age when she had the lessons she had to give them up because of family problems and the depression and she NEVER painted another picture in her life. How sad! She might have been famous....
Please, if you do get to painting like those guys on PBS, (Bob Ross and William Alexander?) don't do happy little clouds and any of those other cutesy descriptions they had for each element in their paintings....I loved to watch them paint but hated listening to them!


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I love the results achieved with one stroke painting. I took one project class and compared to everyone else, my attempt was beyond pathetic. Does anyone have any tips for the best way to learn/practice this technique? Are the videos sold at Michael's good? I took the class but didn't know one had to already know how to load the brushes, etc. this was advertised as a beginner class. I have done stenciling and a lot of faux finishing, but really hope to master this technique. Thank you.

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Hi Cindy;

I do alot of One Stroke. My best advice to start off - take another class. The best way to learn is to watch someone in person do it. The videos are very helpful also. I hear DD is usually on PBS every Saturday morning- so you might want to check that out. She DOES make it look SO EASY!!!!!!!! It does get easier with practice. The RTGs (reusable teaching guides) are a great help too. Check out Yahoo for all the different forums you can join regarding OS. There are alot of great tips and techniques and there is a group for beginners. Use your Michael's coupons to get the videos, you won't regret it.

Have fun with it, most of all.

I still can't believe you went to a beginners class and they expected you to know how to load your brush already - for me, this is the hardest part to get right and I still have days (after painting almost 2 years) where I can't get that brush loaded right for anything! So don't give up!! Take a class or find a teacher locally (www.Onestroke.com then click on "find a teacher"). Maybe a teacher in your area can point you in the direction of other classes or private lessons! Never know!!!

Glad to see this list has some spark in it again. Did you all see the Michael's paper this week?> Lots of great deals on all kinds of stuff - and all OS stuff is 50% off. Haven't been there yet myself.


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