Farmhouse plan with new kitchen layout

lavender_lassJuly 2, 2012

Many of you have already seen our kitchen inspiration picture... From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

I really like this much more, than a kitchen island and here is the new kitchen/keeping room layout, with greenhouse and dining porch. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

The greenhouse is really more of a sun porch with lots of plants and a little marble bistro table (LOL) but it does give me a bit of a 'plant mudroom' to have the big farm sink, start plants for the garden and keep plants over the winter.

The dining porch was my mom's idea. I've always wanted a screened eating area (due to bugs, wildlife, barn kitties, etc.) and it would be nice to have a more separate eating area for the holidays. My mom said...why not combine them and have a glass porch that is also screened. Then, you can use it year round, if you heat it. Laura12 came up with the idea to add radiant heat to the thanks to their input, we ended up with a great, year round dining area!

The downstairs is all cellar with the exception of the rec room, under the kitchen/keeping room. This is my husband's 'man space' which will be great for keeping rowdy guys (drinking a few beers) away from my nicer things upstairs. (LOL)

The second story layout (small bedroom and attic) is not going to be changed, at all. We decided it would be too much work with the roof lines and structural support, to add a bathroom up there, so we decided on the powder room and master bath...with the hall bath serving as the study/guest bedroom bath (in case nephew/other) ever moves in with well as a handy bath by the mudroom and utility area. It also gives guests the option of the powder room, while company uses the shower. Oh, that's an armoire across from the master bath sink...and a window box, outside that bathroom window. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

We've been having some scrapper guys cleaning up the barnyard the last month and we're still cleaning out the old farmhouse. Hopefully, we'll get past clean up, sorting and scrap at some point, but at least it seems like progress. We really like the plan, since it gives us all the spaces we both really wanted...but isn't so big we wouldn't use the main floor spaces every day. The main floor is about 2050 square feet, without the porches. Thanks for looking and all your help so far. Please let me know if you have any comments/suggestions :)

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I like it. Is there room for a dining table in the sitting area of the kitchen in case you ever decide you want a formal dining room?

I like the way you have all the bathroom plumbing centrally located. It will make it less expensive and if your hot water heater is there too, you'll have hot water to your baths faster.

If you put your big sink in the greenhouse, will you have another sink in the laundry room? Did you do away with your pantry?

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Marti- Thanks for the response! There is room for the dining table to be in front of the fireplace, if we ever change our mind...but with the porch, I don't think we'll need a formal dining room.

I just changed the location of the bathrooms, since someone pointed out that it would be much easier to install/repair them if they were over the cellar/basement, rather than a crawlspace. Great point about the water heater! It would be under that area :)

The laundry room sink will be under a window (across from washer/dryer) and probably look something like this... From Kitchen plans

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Marti- I know you've been through this whole 'dining table/seating area' debate, when you were designing your kitchen remodel and addition.

So...when you asked me about moving the table, it gave me an idea! What if we put the table on the porch in the summer (with little seating area by the fireplace) and then swap them, in the winter? The table by the BBQ and with views out the back, makes sense when it's light until 9 pm. But, when it's dark at 4:30 pm, I'd rather have dinner by the warm fireplace. I'd still have the chair in the corner (by the fire) and a bench in front of the window...but the loveseat, table and chair could go out on the porch. It would be great to sit out on the porch (with a throw) and watch the snow fall :)

What do you think? If we did that...I might put the island back in the kitchen. While I love the picture, I just went to a friend's house (with a table in the middle of the kitchen) and it was so was driving me crazy! I was in another kitchen with table some time ago...and it was fine. Maybe because they had more prep space and we were sitting at the table, not standing.

Sheesh! I feel a little foolish...since the kitchen forum warned me this might happen! LOL

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That is a great idea LL! And when you have family dinners, just think how many people can sit at tables too. It will be just like a restaurant. lol

I hadn't thought about it being easier if they are over the basement but that's a great point.

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I've always liked having the table in a kitchen. When I had a lot of prep to do, I did it sitting at the table. That's what I'll do in the future here. I don't anticipate much prep anymore tho.

sit down and rest your feet and legs.

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If we ever get the chance to build, I want to do a counter height table in the kitchen with benches that fit under the sides like mama_goose. Then it can double as table or work counter.

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Steph- I like to sit sometimes to prep, too...and it is nice to rest your feet and legs, especially after gardening! :)

Marti- That would be a nice idea and Mama Goose's kitchen is one of my favorites! We just went up to a friend's house with a kitchen table. The sitting and visiting part was great...but the standing and using the table for extra prep...was not. It was just too short and I felt like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, after about 20 minutes! LOL

So, with that in mind...I've brought back a scaled down version of an earlier plan. The island/table combination, with the 36" tall island and the 30" table...both with wood tops and beadboard on the island, legs for the table. There would be room for at least three chairs and if we need more space, we can move to the larger table, on the porch. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

I think with this layout, we could keep the table on the porch and seating area by the fireplace...but if we change our mind, it would be easy to change. Lots of possibilites! What do you think?

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