sealing paint on glass

landfreiterFebruary 22, 2009

I have painted some of my home windows with enamel paints using the one stroke style now I need to know if anyone here knows how to seal the paints since they cannot fit into my oven. Is there a sealer that I can use and if so how do I put it on, just the painted areas or over the whole thing?

Should have looked into this before painting the windows??

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Nice to have you posting and can't wait to see a picture of your window. You could apply several coats of brush-on polyurethane varnish from the paint department to seal your project. It comes in matte, satin or gloss finish, depending on what you want. If it was me, I would seal the whole thing with several coats and that should protect it. Hope this helps and hope you will show us pictures of your window.


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Welcome to the forum, Landfreiter. I've never used the enamel paints so have no knowledge to share. One of our members here, Paintgirl, has painted on glasses and such so maybe she will be able to help too.

Or you might try going to the Plaid website to see if they have info on sealing it if you can't bake it. I thought I read somewhere about it curing after 21 days, but can't remember where I read that.

Are they going to be inside or outside? We'd love to see pics when you're all done. Luvs

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What brand paint did you use?

If you used FolkArt Enamels, you don't have to do a thing. FA enamels air dry/cure in 21-22 days, self seal, and become permanent. You mentioned Dewberry's Onestroke so I thought maybe FA was the brand you used.

If not, other brand name acrylic enamels also air cure without baking and some need sealants. The sealants for those paints are sold where the paints are sold. Each brand differs and the complete instructions are usually right on the bottle.

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I checked on the enamel paint bottle it states the paint will air dry in 21 days but for a permanent finish they must be baked. The windows will be hung in front of my regular windows, sort of like sun catchers but they are 12" by 35" so they are just too big to bake.
I am worried when I try to clean them I will loose the finer painting, I have some airy ferns and small daisies in the panels.
I tried to download my pictures into photo bucket but have had no luck.

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I am posting two photos of my panels.

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Delta has a clear gloss glaze for perm-enamel air dry paints,
you can use it with folk Art also. I sometimes use it on my glassware, when it dries it is very durable-I have washed things in the dishwasher. It is a bit expensive(to me) but worth the cost.About $10.00 for 8 oz. but it covers a lot. It dries crystal clear, and I've never seen it turn the least bit yellow over time. As beautiful as your windows are it would be worth it. And they are gorgeous!! Keep posting, you do lovely work! Hope this helps.

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Your panels turned out just lovely, LF. They will look gorgeous hanging where the light will shine through them. Aren't these gals great for all trying to help? We've got such helpful painters on here. Hope you will keep coming by to share ideas and projects with us. Luvs

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Wow, your glass panels are nothing I had imagined. They turned out great and I really like the wood casings. I thought they were throughly painted with no glass showing. I hope you figure out how you want to seal them.

Thanks for posting pictures for us. Punk

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It would help to know which brand you are using. FolkArt Enamels should be fine without a sealer if left to cure for 21 days. They recommend baking for added durability for pieces like glassware that is going to be used, handled, and washed regularly, i.e. glasses, dishes, etc. I have used it both ways - baked and unbaked on different surfaces and have never had a problem with paint coming off. But then I gently wipe clean my air-cured pieces with a damp cloth. I don't know how you intend to clean them but I personally would never use any kind of household cleaners on anything that's hand painted. You can read more on this site. The finish will eventually wear off.

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paintgirl2008, i have been searching online to find out how to apply the delta permenamel clear gloss to a wine glass without leaving the paint brust strokes on it. i have had no luck. i ran across this page, and saw your entry and was hoping you could give me some tips. please let me know. thanks.

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hello landfreiter :)
your panels are gorgeous!! such wonderful colors and details!! i usually use the normal waterbase varnish or sealers but i've never tried them on glass. i think when sealing, it always involves sealing the painted areas with the non painted areas so that the sealer runs seemlessly through the whole art otherwise the art bits could just be peeled off on the edges. but becos yours is on glass, it makes it difficult to seal the art to the glass...cos the sealer will just make a mess on the glass... i see your dilemma... sorry i can't be of more help ... but the art is really gorgeous!

instead of a sealer, perhaps attach a piece of tint sheet over it? the ones we use on car windows to protect us from UV? but has to be done professionally otherwise there will be bubbles.

hugs luthien :)

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