painting windows

cathy8091February 3, 2010

I am trying to paint a picture of my house. Having trouble with the windows. I have already painted them white, I realize that was not a good idea. Can any one give me an idea how to fix and paint my windows. Thanks

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Hi Cathy, can you give us a bit more information? What are you painting on and what type of paints are you using? I'm sure some of the gals on here who do the more realistic painting will be able to offer some advice to help you.


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You don't paint the windows. You only paint the reflection. Water down white or very, very light blue or grey. Depends on your color choices. Study your picture to see where the light source is coming from, then pick up the paint on the brush, blot it until almost dry and lightly streak the windows, once or twice. Do not put identical streaks in all of the windows, because the sun does not hit all of them at the same angle. Depending on your imagined light source you can put a bit, just a tad, of the same in some of the lower corners too.

How to fix the painting you have already done in the windows? Since it is dry by now... I don't know. Can you show us a picture?


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Hello Cathy, glad you dropped in, and what a question!

Have you taken a photo of your home? Paint what you see in the photo or walk a short distance from your windows and see what you see through the windows. As Joan said, you paint what is reflected on or behind the glass, not the glass.

Be sure to post a picture for us to see and drop bye often!


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The picture is on wood. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to maybe sand away some of the painted window and add reflections. Some of the windows will be covered with tree. We have mega tress on our property. I will show a pic when finished. Thanks again. All suggestions welcome.

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