My sunflower

paintingfoolFebruary 14, 2009

This is the sunflower I painted at the Ros Stalcup seminar a few weeks ago. I just got my camera back and for some reason it did not take a good shot, th colors look much brighter than they really are - I may have to adjust it somehow. At any rate, it still needs some tweeking but I always do that before framing it. I really enjoyed the class and if you ever have a chance to take a class with her you should give it a try. She is a lot of fun to paint with. I will warn you, however, she doesn't like to use patterns but will give you one if you are unsure of yourself. I didn't use the pattern and it came out alright. Bebe

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pezabelle statement that it "came out alright" is quite an understatement! It came out beautiful! And the little bird is great...I AM GOING TO PAINT A BIRD! The highlights on the ribbon are great and veins in the leaves make them look real...great painting!


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Bebe, I am really impressed that you did this without a pattern. Your composition is great - guides the eye in to the bird. I agree with Belle - the leaves look real. I am still working on making my leaves look better. I'm glad you are going to frame it. I don't think it needs any changes at all - it is ready to frame- just sign it!

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Your sunflowers are fantastic! I would be thrilled if I could take a seminar with Ros Stalcup, I have several of her books and just love her style of painting florals and fruit.
That looks like a pretty good sized painting, how big is it?

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Bebe, your sunflower is gorgeous! I love Ros Stallcup-have some of her books.Enjoy just sitting looking through them.
If you frame it, please show when you are through.
You did a great job, so be proud!!!

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Excellent as always, Bebe. Love the little bird and the way the centers look so real. Great job on the hilights too. Is this all stroke work? Sure looks "complicated" to me! Thanks for sharing it with us, and I'm so glad you got your camera back. Do you have some other projects lined up. Have you had the shower for your niece yet? Come by and chat with us when you can, okay? Luvs

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Thanks for the nice comments. This painting is on a 12"x24" canvas. Ros has hers on a 13"x19" wood and mirror. I had to elongate mine to fit the canvas. We started the painting by drawing the long curved stems and then the bottom oval of the sunflower. And the leaves are pretty much triangles, just softened on the edges. I don't grow sunflowers but I think I am going to try this year. I am not pleased with my flower petals because they are a little bit cutesy for me. I looked at photos of real sunflowers and the real petals are a little skinnier and longer. The picture actually shows the leaves with really bright highlights but they aren't really that bright. And the ribbon - to get that sheer look you brush in glazing medium and then your paint, brush mix on your palette and then apply to the canvas.

I am helping with the wedding decor for my niece's wedding (tables at reception, etc.) and will be giving her a shower next month. I hope to find an old chair I can paint for her shower - you know, the "bridal chair". Her colors are buttery yellow and a little bit of teal green. But every old chair I have found they want $25 or more - is everyone painting chairs these days? I am posting the poppies we did but again, I need to tweek it. When I finish I will post the pictures and you can see what I mean by tweeking.

Perhaps if I took them outside they would photograph better - or something might be wrong with the camera after I dropped it.
Thanks again,

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Bebe, I think your picture is wonderful and I would of never guessed it was so large. I like the way she does her leaves and yours look great. I'll have to try this. I'm so happy she was fun to paint with. Her pictures in her books always looks like she's a fun one who enjoys life.

Looking forward to seeing your poppies. Hope you find a chair to paint on for the shower. It'll be fun to see those pictures.

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