Painting beach scenes

paintingfoolFebruary 26, 2008

Yall know how much I like going to seminars and painting with others. I went to a Ros Stallcup ( this weekend and we painted a beach scene and also apples, lemons and grapes. I finished the beach scene because they very simple to paint since I live on the Gulf Coast and see the beach all the time. However, I rarely paint fruit and vegetables so I still have an apple to finish. Anyway, here is the beach scene. I will post the apples this week after I finish painting them. Don't want it to go in the bin with all the unfinished items.

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This is just beautifull... Do you sell your paintings at shows? Is this oil or acrylic? After many years of painting I just got tired of it...I could never master such beautifull work.

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Bebe, that is gorgeous! So realistic, and I can't believe the details. I love how you did the sky and all your shading on the boat and sand dunes is just perfect. Luvs

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OMG sooo beautiful! I so miss seeing the ocean, your painting makes me feel like I could just walk into it, and touch the sand!just beautiful!

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Thanks yall. I love the colors and I should put a few seaoats in there since that is what we have here in the south. It was a fun class. I am going to try to finish my apples tomorrow - they are green and I need to put a touch of red on them. Next week I am taking a color pencil class with Janelle Johnson ( I have never done anything with pencils before but will attempt a Gold Finch, calla lillies and a rose. Then the end of March I am off to paint with Margot Clark ( She does multi-loading but on the more realistic side. Check out these sites, they have beautiful paintings.

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Your paintings sure have a realistic quality! I love the soft colors. It does make you feel like you could walk right into that scene. I need classes!! ha You are so lucky to be able to take so many. Some day when my kids are older. Great job Bebe! I look forward to seeing your fruit. :) ~Anj

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Wow! very relaxing to the eyes. Very talented.

I'm attempting painting in acrylics now. I want to take a few classes though. Do you suggest watercolor first? Seems so difficult. :(

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Annabell - I started in oils over 25 years ago and was scared to death of acrylic. But now I love them, however, oil will always be my first love. I have painted several watercolor and I am not a real loose painter and I love realism so I have a difficult time with watercolors. I think the most forgiving is acrylic - if you make a mistake, just paint over it. I do suggest classes but sometimes you just have to jump in and try them on your own. Believe me when I say it is not difficult. But you do have to practice. Try picking up a few bottles of acrylic on sale (I love Americana but Ceramcoat and Folk Art are great also), then a few brushes (Soft grip are $2-$3 a piece) and get ready to paint. You would need a liner or script brush for thin lines, a 1/2" angle brush and maybe a #8 flat to start off with. A sheet of graphite paper and tracing paper, and for a palette I use freezer paper which is disposable. I don't use the styro plates but they do work well. You will need a container for water (an old jar will work) and paper towels (I like the blue shop towels, not as much lint).

An easy way to start is find something from a coloring book, trace the item onto a piece of wood and color book paint - that's right, just fill in the colors just like you were coloring only stroke on with a brush. This will give you the feel of the paints and your brushes.

Don't forget to wash your brushes out thoroughly.

Oh, I sound like I am teaching a class, sorry about that but I have a tendency to get excited when I talk to someone who wants to learn to paint.

If you have any questions, please just ask, we have so many wonderful painters on this forum. I didn't mean to get so chatty.

I am so happy that you liked my painting. It looks more difficult than it really is and the enjoyment you get when you have finished a painting is amazing.


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Thanks so much for taking the time and explaining all this. I have taken a lot of chances and experimented a great deal with acrylics...some a disaster, some not so bad, LOL. I will post pictures. I hope to only get better. :)

I love this forum and I'm having a great time reading all the posts.

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