Kitchen remodel progress. With pictures!

Kristen HallockMay 7, 2013

We are doing a DIY kitchen remodel, so it will be slow going since DH works a full time job and the kitchen will only get worked on in the evenings and on weekends. but we have made a bunch of progress!

April 6 - Started ripping out old cabinets
April 12 - moved washer & dryer out of mud room and upstairs to the 2nd floor
April 14 - Sold all old cabinets on Craigslist. Woman came to haul them away.
April 16th - Plumber came to hook up gas for upstairs dryer and to plumb in new gas line for my new 36" Bluestar range.
April 29 - May 4 - Hardwood floors refinished throughout the entire first floor.

Now we are at a standstill because my hubby is away for 2 weeks for work. But he's coming home this weekend and our next task is to cut out the sheetrock above the kitchen cabinet area on the ceiling so we can re-work the recessed lighting. We also need to order 2 windows for the range wall and he needs to install those. We need to tear into the wall where we will recess a 36" spot for our fridge so that it can sit back about ~3" into the wall.

I still need to order my range & hood, prep sink, 2 faucets, pot filler, and decide on a lighting plan and countertops.

Here are some pictures!


Refinished floors

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Looks great! I guess you are putting the cabinets back, right?

Good luck with your project!


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Wow! Amazing progress! Good luck!

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Holly- Kay

Your floors are gorgeous! Good luck with your project and post pics!

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Thanks for showing your progress. Your old kitchen even looked great so can't wait to see the new kitchen!
Will be watching :-)

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