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citytransplantFebruary 16, 2010

I tried again to post pictures. Yes, I am getting them from photobucket just like before. When I paste them to the message and preview the message, the pictures are there. They dissapear somehwere between the preview and the discussion site.

Also there has been changes in the gallery side. Would someone please try to post a picture there and see how it changed.

I know, I know, I am getting a tad feeble in my old age, but I really don't think it is me.... this time.

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Not sure what you mean about "changes in the gallery side" Do you mean here on the forum or in Photobucket. I don't have any new painted items to post a picture of, but I did find this neat acorn plate (I love acorn things) so I will post it. I just copied the HTML from under the picture on Photobucket and now I'm pasting it here. Luvs

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I haven't noticed any changes with posting pictures. I hope you get this figured out so you can share. When I have computer issues, I call on my son. He's an IT guy.

Luvs, what a cute dish you found. It's so YOU!!


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Thanks for sending a photo Luvs, I guess it is me....okay it is probably me.

Punk, my SIL is the one I call, but they live 70 miles away. When they do come down, there is so many things to do and talk about I hate to bog him down with computer problems.

Let me try one more time.

Tahnks again for the help and suggestions.

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