Any recent counter height window pics?

Mom23EsMay 3, 2012

I'm starting to worry about the amount of space between the back of my sink and the backsplash. The faucet I picked is just barely going to fit. I came across mamadadapaige's kitchen window, and I'm in love. I'm scared to even ask my builder how much something like this might cost since we're already so over budget in the kitchen. We might just bump the sink cabinet out instead.

The popular thread about counter height windows is from over 3 years ago. I've found lots of posts about people asking about them since, but I'm not finding any recent pics of people actually doing it.

Has anyone installed a counter height window in the past couple years? Pics? :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Counter height window thread from 2009

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It was that 2009 thread that inspired me to insist, "It can be done!" And so we did when we updated our kitchen in November. We ordered a 10 degree bow window to replace the existing glider and had it installed at countertop height.

I love, love, love the new set up just as much as I hated, hated, hated the earlier one. Water would sit in that little space between the back of the sink (a top-mount) and the short wall below the window: very nasty and gunky. With an undermount sink, however, we might not have had as much a problem.

Here's a "before" picture so you can see the glider/slider window. (Please ignore the mess. Among other things, we were stacking books and boxes at the end of the peninsula to see if we'd like a longer counter in the updated kitchen.)
From GardenWeb Photos

And here's a close up of the new set up. Though there isn't much space behind the faucet, we went for the 10 degree bow to make it easier to reach the windows for opening. A more angled bow (or even a bay), would give you more space behind the sink if you want that.
From GardenWeb Photos

Finally, here's a picture from a bit further away. The Bow window really opens up the room. It is just 3" wider and 3" taller than the glider.
From GardenWeb Photos

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kashmi- I was thinking a 10 degree bow may be easier than building a bump out. However in the attached dining room we'll have a bay window (seat) and I'm thinking a bay and a bow quite close to each other may be weird from the outside?

How wide is yours? Ours would be about 6 feet.

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Did you see this thread?

Here is a link that might be useful: THREAD

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I love, love, love my counter windows. I never would have even thought of it if it wasn't for this site.

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2LittleFishies: I would have loved a 6' bow! But that would have meant moving electrical outlets and potentially removing one of the left-hand cabinets. We decided that paying more for a custom window size saved us money in the long run. Ours is 4'5" wide and 4'3" high.

IMHO a bow and a bay could look fine. We live near Newport, RI; a number of houses there have two bow or bay windows in the front -- though, admittedly, they are separated by the front door and not next to each other. How much separation would yours have? Our 10 degree bow only projects a little over 4", so your bay would be the dominant window. Can you take a picture and then Photoshop in a bow window to see what you think?

While I do like the bump-outs that are shown in the threads above, I also like the extra light & views that a bow/bay brings in. There are trade offs with either approach. The trick is figuring out which ones make sense in a given situation. Not always easy.

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Sorry to hijack but one last post to kashmi and then I'll start a new thread--

Here is my plan. The window on the bottom left is the bay in the dining area and the one on the bottom right is the kitchen. Actually the present plan is that the kitchen window is now taller (4'). It consists of a 3' clear (no grilles) picture window with 1.5' casements (with colonial grilles) on either side. I thought have 6' of windows with grilles was too much. i wanted something more "clear" but since the other windows in the house have colonial grilles I can't change them much. The bay will also be clear in the middle with the windows on the side having grilles...

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My Multi-Purpose Fred, who is siding the back of my house (for hunting rights), tells me yet another window isn't installed correctly. (Does it ever end?)

I hate the window. "How conveeeeeeenient, said the Church Lady!

He's going to give me measurements and I, crazy woman here, am going to ask him to make a counter height window work. He's going to want to hang me, but he says, "Okaaaaaaay."

Then he makes it work.
Of course, that's with my next batch of cash! :)
It's really a good thing I have absolutely no life and can work all the time.

Thank you folks of GardenWeb for this great idea!

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Fishies, IIRC correctly your side windows are operable? If they have cranks make sure the cranks will clear your counter--it depends on the type of cranks you get.

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marcolo- Yes in the kitchen the casements on either side of the pic window will have cranks.

Can you read my other two threads on page one for some comments? : )

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Kashmi - that is exquisite - just wish I had waited to put my window in until I did the kitchen - did it with the outside of the house....

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Christine- ROTFL! You have a guy siding your home for hunting rights! I think multi-purpose Fred may have a few cousins, living in our small town :)

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