Can you think of a way...

oceannaFebruary 14, 2009

... we could make our own "wallies?" What are they made out of? What makes them stick to a wall? I'm thinking if we could do that we could decorate a wall, but when we move, take them with us? Or is that just silly?

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Oceana, I have not seen it, but I read somewhere that there is a glue that will make any paper into a "sticky note." Something like that might work.

There was a fund raiser here two years ago where decorative and faux artists from all over the county painted a house from top to bottom (3 floors) plus the garage. In some areas, they painted canvas and stuck it on somehow.


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Plaid used to make WALL PODGE which allowed you to do exactly that, turn your own paper or fabric cut-outs into Wallies. I still have some of that product.
All it was was a brush-on repositionable adhesive. Your design would stay in place until you were ready to remove it then all you needed to do was dampen the design to dissolve the glue and it would peel right off leaving no residue on the wall.

There MUST be other repositionable pastes/adhesives out there that would allow you to do the same thing.

I've also heard of using liquid starch to make your own Wallies. You make your cut-outs from fabric, soak them with liquid starch, and then stick them to the wall. They will be completely removable with no damage to the wall by dampening them as mentioned above.

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This sounds interesting ladies. Sounds like endless possibilities. If any of you try this please post pictures so we can all enjoy.

CC you don't by chance have any pictures of the home you mentioned do you?

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One of the easiest and cleanest ways to make your own wallies is to buy the 8.5" x 11" sheets of window cling. Print your design from your computer, cut out and stick it on the wall. No glue. Just cling.

Or just buy the window cling and paint on it what you want if you don't want to print from a computer.

Just google for 8.5" x 11" sheets of window cling

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I am a OSCI For Donna Dewberry. I paint on the clear contact paper it is see through. I can put a design on a customers wall so they can see what I will paint. It peels right off like a post a note. If you aren't painting you might could do the same with fabric like cutting out a design and then leave enough of the contact paper it will stick to the wall same with paper. Just a thought.

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