Cozy Cookies 2 by donna and kenna

craftynoelFebruary 1, 2002

Hi. I am looking for a book called Cozy Cookies 2 by donna and kenna. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

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How badly do you want that book????? There is one on ebay right now. The auction runs until the 4th and it is presently at $61.01. This is the auction #1698450415. I'd like that book too, but am not going to pay that kind of money for it. I bookmarked it just to keep track of what it ends up going for. Good luck if you decide to go after it. I too would like to know if you can get this book anywhere else and at a little better price.

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I have hunted everywhere and even emailed Donna&Kenna about #1 books and they emailed me back and said the printing co. that did those went out of bussiness. They even suggested ebay. I have a lot of friends who teach so they are looking out for either book for me but no results yet.

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Have you tired Amazon.They might have it or someone wanting to sell it.I hope you have good luck.

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There is one on Ebay right now, and I bid on it. I doubt I'll get it though. Did anyone ever get this book? Or any cute patterns for gingerbreads? I am still looking and am very willing to share!

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Has anyone tried They do used books and search about 25 on-line stores and give you the prices and availability. Good site to bookmark.

Elaine in Florida

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