painting a cement floor

Rosee444January 26, 2002

Has anyone ever painted there basement cement floor, and if so, what paints can I use?

I have this great idea to paint a stone look, but a little unsure what to do next.

Any help would really be appreciated.

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Hi Rosee444,

There are special paints available at hardware stores and home centers. The people that sell the paints should also be able to help with pretreatment that may be neccessary, depending on the condition of the floor.

Good Luck!
Paul Young

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Hello Rosee444,

On HGTV channel "57" in my area they used cement porch enamel paint for inside/outside uses.

Check out HGTV online may find something about it there....Good luck!

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I just painted mine, it's new so it's not stained, but it has cured. Here's what we did. Washed it well, rinsed it, used a concrete etch (bought crystals at Home Depot they're much cheaper than the liquid), etched it, rinsed it well, then let it thoroughly dry. When we painted it took 2 coats. I didn't use a sealer or a primer. The guy at Home Depot said it wasn't necessary.

It looks great, and I picked a mid/light tan colour so I can faux finish it later if I chose to. I used Behr Porch & Floor paint for inside/outside. It's a latex enamel paint.

The only thing we didn't do first is fill the cracks in the floor. We are planning on finishing the basement in the future, but painting the floor made the cracks much more noticeable.


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