New & need advice :D

intolerableJanuary 19, 2009

I was wondering if anyone could help me w/ pricing a project.

I made a sign for my fence. I then posted it on a couple forums that I frequent. Since then I have been bombarded w/ requests/orders...Not sure if I am even up to that...?

I'm going to attempt to post a picture....

I really hadn't figured I'd get that kind of response! But, why not? right?

Any suggestions? :D

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D, First of all I'd like to Welcome you to the forum. I love it. You did an awesome job on this project, dog slobbers and all. How funny. That tongue is to cute. I'd price it from $20-$30 and more if you can get it. How many do you want to make at what price? That's how I use to decide on what to charge. If there selling well then up your price until your comfortable with where your at.

I've never seen this before. Where did you come up with the idea? Thanks so much for posting. We love to see what everyone paints and I'm sure you'll enjoy being a part of this forum. The gals here are sweethearts. Punk

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Thanks! Well it was a mesh of ideas.
We just put up a new fence for the dogs. I've read that its not good for insurance purposes to post a "Beware of Dogs" sign.
The dogs are technically not aggressive,in fact they LOVE people,but they are instinctualy guard dogs (mastiffs), so just as a protection to the dogs and strangers I felt something needed to be posted. We also have a wireless doorbell at the gate ;)
Anyway, after some thought and sketches this is what I came up with. :D
I must've had beginners luck because it all came together so quickly and easily. All the products were left over wood too from cupboard doors.
If I make more I will have to purchase wood and consider that, as well as shipping cost. I was thinking 30ish dollars too....Others have told me to charge more, but I wouldn't spend more than 30, so thats probably where I will start.
Thanks for your warm welcome and your advice!

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OH MY! May I add, I just added up all the requests!
I estimated 10, but ,make that 20!
20 orders, 11 states, plus one in Ontario, British Columbia and Holland!
I haven't even posted the pic on my Neapolitan Mastiff forum....

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Hi and welcome from me! Glad you found us and hope you'll keep coming back. Love your sign. You did a great job on it. I was thinking in the $25-30 range myself. Wow, your sign is spreading like wildfire. ha Good for you. Hope you can make it worth your while to make and ship it and still make a profit.
So you gotta tell us how you did that drool! That is too funny. Is it silicone? I like it hanging off the big bite mark too.

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If you plan on shipping it could be expensive so you will want to add that on alright. Lumber expense, time, paint, it all adds up to more than one can normally get out of a project. If you have that much interest start high and you'll always be able to come down. Don't sell yourself short.

Please let us know what you decide and keep posting here.

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Welcome, D!

I love your sign. Since it will take a lot of time, plus new materials, I would charge at least $50 or more and explain that it does not include shipping. Calculate the cost of the wood and then add your time and any other materials (the chain, hooks, whatever you used for the drool). A high price is OK because you have a unique product and you don't want to make them forever. Can you cut more than one at a time? That would help make it go faster.

The lower the price, the more orders you will get, and the sicker you will get of doing the same thing over and over. (been there) Unless you can charge $80 each and get some college kids to help.

You are very creative. Glad you posted your sign.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome. What a great way to introduce yourself--such a neat project. I really love it, especially the bite out of the sign and the drool--what a great sense of humor you must have! Excellent painting on the dog and the lettering too. You know you've come up with something good when so many are wanting to order one. ;o) Hope you will make time to come join in here often, we love to hear ideas and all about projects. Luvs

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Thanks Guys! er..GALS!
Luvstocraft, Yes you picked right up on my personality! With out humor I would probably wither and die ;)
The drool IS made of silicone. I planned on using a clear caulking but didn't have any. I found a small tube of silicone somethin' in the garage *hehehe. Probably the same stuff anyway. The drool was a must! If you've been around a mastiff you'll understand.
I think I will also offer directions/pattern for any of those people that want to or can make their own! That would take a load off.
I've decided what I will do first is make one more for now and donate it to a Mastiff Rescue. One of the forums has fundraisers on eBay and basket raffles and stuff to raise $ for a choice rescued dog that has high medical bills. They can bid for it on eBay. I think that might give me an idea of what they are willing to pay also. I'm notorious for undercharging and then overworking myself and eating costs :(..
I don't paint often, but I do enjoy it. I will soon post more pics of some of my stuff, like my sons room that I painted to look like a log cabin!
Thanks for all your compliments!

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That is awesome!

That looks like a pretty good sized project. I do woodworking and I would start at $50. I think $25-$30 is underpricing yourself.

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Great Dog! Mastiff's are great dogs, and yes I remember the drool! And when they lean against your leg you either move or fall down.

I think your idea of putting one on eBay is the way to go, it is always so hard putting a price on any craft/art item. And I have found that you never really can place a dollar amount on the time it takes to make the item, 10 hours of work even at minimum wage... we would never be able to sell our work.

I am looking forward to hearing how this works out for you, so please keep us posted.


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Hi D,

That sign is great! I wish I had the capacity first off to paint so well and then to have the imagination to provide a cute caption for it!

I have no knowledge of pricing, but, if I had a house with a fence,( hubby and I live in a condo) ... I would pay about $30 - $40 for it.


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