Ta Da! Here's the finished project

luvstocraftJanuary 25, 2010

Gave you a teaser yesterday and that kept me motivated to finish painting this project so I could share. I just need to drill a couple holes and thread a ribbon in so I can hang it now.

I could tell I hadn't painted for awhile--I'm out of practice and that makes it harder.

I noticed my outlines really show up dark in this picture, but they don't so much in real life--oh well, photography is sure not my thing! LOL

Happy Valentine's,


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Really cute!

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Oh Luvs, she is so sweeeeet. Alot of work for you but well worth the 1 day wait for the rest of us. So wonderful to come here tonight and see your new Valentine Heart complete. You should be proud of this.

TFS, Punk

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You do such cute work, Luvs. Love her fat little fanny. I never think to paint for holidays other than Christmas. I probably should do a few things for the grandkids to take to their teachers. (I included my link to my blogspot only because I am on a mission to get the word out about P.A.N.D.A.S.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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Very sweet Luvs. Love the heart "tat" on her hip and way you have the vines going around the border. Glad to see someone painting.

I have a couple of things, but am having a problem uploading pictures with the new camera I just "had to have" In the meantime, it is wonderful that you keep the good work up for the rest of us.


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Now that is a cute little cupid!! ha I love your heart! Everything looks great to me including your outlines. I love the addition of the white hearts. Thanks for getting a project done to share and sorry I wasn't here to see it. ha I forget to come here unless someone directs me every now and then. =D ~Anj

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LOL Could you tell I was "pouting" when I came back and no one had been here that day Anj? And I was soooo proud of myself for finally getting in gear and getting a project painted too! ;o)

Bebe, I just went over to check out your blog again to see what you've been up to. Your blog is looking really good--and guess what I discovered that I hadn't seen before? At the bottom lower left side, there's a picture of you! You are one good lookin southern belle! ;o) It's always nice to have a face to connect with the person I chat with.

Kraftymom, Punk, and Joan, thank you all for your sweet comments too. Was fun to actually get in there and paint again. DH likes it when I paint because then I'm not bugging him to do any "honey do" projects.

Joan, I hope you get your camera figured out soon.


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Now ya know I had to go check out Bebe's pic. ha Lookin good Bebe! You are very pretty! It is nice to put a face with a name. Maybe we'll all get brave and put one up! ha Um....who else wants to go first???? ha


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Luvs......he is so cute!!!!! His wavy blond hair, his chubby little body with the tat, the hearts and little flowers all come together so beautifully! And all those dots! Bet they were fun.

When making dots I put my paint in a medicine cap so that I have it right where I am dotting.

Anyway....thank you for sharing and I love him!


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Thanks Belle, this will be a good addition to my Valentine's decor. I sure haven't made many things for this holiday--not sure why,I love hearts, cupids, candy, and anthing lacy or frilly. I'm working on another design for Valentines too. Luvs

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Great job!
I never painited things for holidays either, not even Christmas, when we did shows, because of carry-over. Just stuck to everyday things. Now, I want to do all Christmas and nothing else-LOL

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Hi Nona, I can understand why you feel that way--so many neat things to paint for Christmas. I used to mostly paint snowmen or gingerbreads because they were my favorites. Now, I'm wanting to paint bells, poinsettias,pinecones, birds, etc. that never even interested me before. Luckily, I've found lots of neat patterns as I've gone back through my old books and magazines, so I should have lots of fun trying new things.

Whatever you paint, hope you will come share it here with us.


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It's almost Valentines Day. Did you get your sign hung up? How did you finish it for hanging? Punk

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Hi Punk, just drilled a hole on each side and ran some sheer pink ribbon through. I'm glad I got both hearts painted this year, I've had the patterns ear marked for years! Luvs

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