Had a really great weekend

paintingfoolJanuary 31, 2009

Attended the seminar with Ros Stallcup last weekend and it was great. Wish I could post pictures but I left my camera in my room at the Tyndall Air Force Base Lodging. Now they are holding it hostage until I send $25 for its release. Ros paints very loose and she doesn't like using patterns (makes me happy, I hate taking the time to put on a pattern so it is much easier for me to draw it with a soapstone). I just know yall would have loved the classes. We painted poppys the first day and large sunflowers the second day.

We were really fortunate to get a 4 bedroom duplex on base for only $52 a night so we were all able to stay together (all five of us).

I have to update my blog soon, I just have not had enough time after Christmas to do the things I need to do. I also am planning a shower for my niece who is getting married next month, having problems with my kidney (had a stone last year, may have another), helping with my grandsons who have the flu and trying to finish the furniture I started painting in my guest room. Never the less, I do stop by and check out what everyone is doing as often as I can. Even though I have not posted any comments yet, I will as soon as I can take the time to sit down and read all the posts.

And as soon as I pay the ransom for my camera I will get those pictures posted.


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There you are! We were wondering about you. So glad you enjoyed the class and we can't wait for you to get your camera back. Too funny that it is being held hostage to be sure they get their ransom money to mail it! While I would love to watch someone like Ros (or you) paint, there's just no way I could ever keep up with the class, I'm sure. Guess that's why I like to buy videos so I can watch them over and over! Sure wish I had more from a variety of artists. I need to check on Ebay and see if there are any listed sometime. I've checked your blog a few times and have just been waiting for you to come fill us in here. Good luck with the stone, I've had one before as well--the pain was worse than childbirth! Sounds like you have a full plate with getting the furniture painted, sick GS, and the shower. We'll be here whenever you get time to come visit. Take care. Luvs

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The lost one is found, and yes we are so glad. Have missed your conversations.

Sounds like your class went well and it will be great to see your painting. Hope you pay ransom and get your camera so you can post on here and your blog. I need to get back and see your blog. It is so amazing and I don't have enough hours in my days!

Luvs, good idea, I should buy some videos so I can learn to paint roses. I had a very pretty rose painted and it didn't cover well enough so I went back over it and that was a BIG mistake. I keep telling myself if I look at enough bad ones it'll take me to higher levels. ha ha

I feel so bad for those who have kidney stones. My DH and DD both suffer from them so I have witnessed the pain to often. And there's no way I want to ever be in labor again. LOL One nurse explained the pain as hard labor that never lets up until it passes or you get enough drugs in to help ease the pain. Such a horrible thing to have to endure and I do care.

I have a couple of pics to post so best go get that done and get ready for Super Bowl. Could end up with a house full, it's happened before. I have baby back ribs cooking and I'll make homemade mac and cheese so I have my bases covered if several show up. Punk

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I absolutely love Ros Stallcup and have many of her books. I would give anything to attend one of her
Can't wait to see pics of your work!

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Reads like you really had a great time! I would love to attend any seminars or classes - but almost nothing this side of Seattle....much to far away! But I am putting out feelers and really checking various book stores to see what I can find. Still waiting for pictures!


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