beginning china (porcelain) painting

vallieJanuary 5, 2002

I am about to start taking a china painting class on Monday night. I am so excited!!! You also learn how to paint tiles in this class too. (the painted tile backsplashes)I have always admired those beautiful plates and vases, and I have always wanted to do this. I have never painted before. Is it hard? I really want to be good at this and want it to work out. I don't mind a little hard work. I have a neighbor that has been taking for 1 1/2 years and her work looks like she has been doing it for 20 years. She had never painted before either. I am going to take from the same person she is taking from. I guess I am just looking for a little encouragement. Can anyone out there tell me your experiences? Thanks a bunch.

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I've painted on porcelain and china ornaments & tiles and don't do anything different than if I was painting on any other surface. I use acrylics or acrylic enamel on the porcelain, enamels on the china and I've used both acrylics and acrylic enamel on tile - depends on what I'm using them for. They are really nice surfaces to paint on.

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