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Kelly1016January 15, 2002

Can it be any paint? I found some old posts that you can buy the videos at Michaels. What type of paints do I buy? And do I need the floating medium. Thanks.

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I wouldn't say any paint. A thinned paint with very litle pigment would make it hard to do One Stroke effectively. Your colors would not be vibrant and you would have a muddy picture. One Stroke is done wet-on-wet and therefore the thick pigmented paints are important so your colors don't bleed together and become muddy. That's why you don't use water. The Folk Art paints used for her technique are very similar to artists tube acrylics and I would suggest using them if you don't want to become frustrated. And you'll need the floating medium if painting on porous surfaces such as paper, raw wood, etc.

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