Oh NO!!!! QVC & Dewberry strike again!! :-)

kraftymomJanuary 7, 2002

Just when I thought I was safe from buying something on QVC's Hobby & Craft day, I get an e-mail from them telling me about Donna Dewberry's new One Stroke Birdhouse Kit!!! I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with birdhouses. Like some of her later kits it has the patterns in it for us woodworking types. Sounds good too......includes patterns for a Birdhouse Headboard, Birdie Condo Night Stand, Stacked Birdhouses Plant Stand, Bird's Nest Lamp, and a Birdhouse plus 2 more birdhouse projects. I guess I'll be spending some of my money after all. :-)

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I watched QVC tonight and right away thought about you
with all the birdhouse things that they showed. I almost
gave in and bought something, but I decided I needed to
get busy with what I have already bought. I also
ordered some things from her website, but am having trouble
with the order. They are telling me that they did not
receive my check, and my bank tells me the check has been
cashed. I am sure I will get it straightened out, but it
has almost been a month since I sent the order. I just
have not had enough time since Christmas to sit down
and have a few free hours just to devote to watching the
video and I need the practice sheets that are in the
order I sent for. Hope you have fun with your birdhouses.
Joy Hild

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Joy, I'm sorry you experienced trouble ordering from her web site. I've never ordered anything from there because I find her prices a little higher than other places - like artistsclub.com or complete kits from QVC. I have never experienced a problem with QVC or Artists Club in getting my order. One thing I did find out yesterday before Hobby & Craft day aired was that the Birdhouse Kit was made from a book The Birdhouse Bedroom that has been around for a while. I just never knew it included the wood cutting patterns. And the book alone sells for $10.95 in my area so the price of the complete kit was a good deal. I have plenty of birdhouses that I've purchased at discount prices for painting but I'm always looking for new ideas on building my own. Hope you straighten out your dilemma soon.


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