Painting gingerbread people.....

Vikki_WJanuary 26, 2002

This advice was given to me today to pass along.....wanted to share it with anyone interested in painting the gingers!!


I hope the following infomation might be helpful to those interested in painting "Gingers". Instead of paying a fortune for pattern books on ebay why not use the following books that are available and can be purchased at Michaels with the 40 percent off coupon at a cost of about

$6. It seems to me the painters on ebay have used the patterns in alot of the following books and just adapted them a little to make gingers. I think most of the books have ginger painting instructions that could probably be used when adapting the other patterns to gingers.

Here are some books....I'm sure if you look creatively you'll find lots more.

"Heart Tugs & Bear Hugs by Kenna Reynolds & Donna Malone

"Bundled Up Blessings by Kenna Reynolds & Donna Malone

"Budding Blessings & Rosie Winters by Michelle Ameida

"Bless Your Heart" by Dianna Marcum

"A Bit of This, A Bit of That by Gail Eastmond

A listing of other books/pattern packets by each author is listed in the back of each book.

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I agree totally. I for one adapt many different patterns to other styles. BUT you have to understand that the books in question that people have been looking for were (and are) quite good in the 'just gingerbread' dept. Not just in the gingerbread people themselves but the projects the books present - I know because I have them. And sometimes as a decorative painter substitutes just won't do. Sometimes like any other collector, it's a title you'd really like to have in your painting book library. :-)

That is also why I scan the bargain book list somewhat regularly at The majority of books I have including those particular gingerbread books I got for $2.49 or less. But like thrift store shopping you have to check often.

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Did everyone see the adorable gingerbread pattern in the Deco Art project library?? (Visions of Sugarplums, myra Mahy)I love it, but for some reason, the link to download the pattern isn't there, did anyone else have this problem? Or, if anyone has downloaded the pattern already, could you e-mail it to me??

Here is a link that might be useful: DecoArt

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I couldn't get any of the patterns to download.

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