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ToshJanuary 25, 2002

I'm a registered member but for some reason I couldn't respond to Vique post? So I started a new one I'm not sure this will post.

I was subscriber to the Decoative Woodcrafts Magazine. I entered a contest which I didn't win I did get a call from them. They wanted me to sign a contract so they could purchase my entry. They paid me good money for my craft only thing it was never published in there magazine for 1999, 2000 or 2001...... Nothing became of it.

I was told they had lots of complaints from subscribers about adding glass and paper projects to a woodcraft magazine..... Lost lots of customers over it as well. They plan to publish a new magazine not woodcrafts. Not sure what ever became of this and they still have my craft project... I only have pics of it:-( and :-).

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Tosh, thank you for the info on the magazine. I really liked it and am disappointed that it isn't around anymore. I made some really cute things out of that book. Am also sorry that they didn't publish your craft, but since they paid you for it, you may see it in print if they start a new magazine.Good luck, I know I would be thrilled if something I made was published. Vique.

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I agree with the previous postings: the loss of the magazine was/is a great loss to home hobbyists. If anyone ever finds something similar, I'd be most interested in learning about it. The projects in the old magazine were things my wife and I could cooperate on and enjoy together.

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Robert.....welcome and thank you for check out our old posts.

The loss of so many magazine is becoming quite a problem for all decorative paitiners. That is why sites like this one is so important. The exchange of information is super and seeing what others are painting always makes for a great day.

Hope you return often and become one of the group!


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Welcome Robert, hope you have enjoyed reading some of the old posts here. Be sure to go over to the gallery side too--lots of pictures of projects over there. It's a little ways down from the top of the page in the middle, we also have a conversation side for non painting related chat too. Enjoy. I've saved lots of the old magazines, but haven't used any for quite awhile. Right now I am so upset over Quick and Easy Painting and Painting magazines--they combined with other magazines and it's NOT a good thing in my opinion. They won't be getting a renewal from me.


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Love to see a pic of the one you submitted.

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