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Kelly1016January 15, 2002

I've seen her stuff on QVC and am very interested in learning. Unfortunately, I cannot draw free-hand. I've taken classes with no success.

What is the best kit to start with? Where is the best place to buy? Thanks.

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You do not have to know how to draw. All of her books/kits come with complete patterns for each project so you can transfer it on to your work piece using graphite paper.

If you want a complete kit, I would suggest QVC. Even with their S&H their prices are good. If you were to buy all the things in the kit separately you would pay more. Her books alone go for $10.95 to $13.95 in my area.

As far as which one to start with I guess you should decide what you want to paint. She has kits on animals, holidays, flowers, angels, and more. It would probably be best to start with a subject that interests you.
Go to and put Donna Dewberry in their book search. You can then browse the inside pages of the books they have to see what you like. Most of the books there are available as kits from QVC. QVC might be short right now though because they just had a Hobby & Craft day and many of her kits sell out.

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I received two of her kits for Christmas. I wasn't pleased with either one. With both kits not all the items you need are really included. The basic strokes kits has no patterns included you are suppose to trace Donna's painting from the book. Even if you use a stylist you end up making marks/creases on the pages which shows through to the other side of the page as well. There are typo's or mistakes in the paint colors, in one flower the written words tell you to use white, and the color work sheet it is very clear you should be using a yellow. But of course there is no way to tell what yellow. Then after tracing a painting and putting it onto a shelf I realized the drawing I traced has one type of flower and the picture of the completed project has the small 5 petal flowers. So naturally it doesn't look the same. But again the book states the photo is a copy of the finished project and it isn't. Her Favorites kits is a little better for no other reason it comes with paper patterns. Both kits come with a list of substitutions that you must make with the paint you are given and the paints listed in the book. I did better buying her video from Wal-mart for 4.99 and using the paint and what few brushes you get from the kit. It is much easier to understand the video.

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You're right. The basic strokes workbooks which are mostly flowers do not come with pattern sheets because Dewberry's style is suppose to be freehand. You are not suppose to trace from those books. All of her books have the worksheet pages where you place the plastic over the stroke worksheets and practice. Then you are suppose to do your project freehand - no pattern. But beyond the basic stroke workbooks that do only flowers all of her other books come with pull out pattern sheets - the Garden Animals, all of the holiday books, I Believe In Angels, her Wall Mural book, Small & Pretty, Just Roses, Furniture Fantasy, Bakeable Glass, etc.
I am a seasoned painter but I do have many of Donna's books. I have never experienced the problems you have mentioned either with the books or kits as far as instructions and supplies. Everything has always been written correctly and all of the supplies there. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

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I bought the basic strokes video, a set of brushes, and a box of little paint pots at Michaels. Then we stopped at JoAnns and they had all of her stuff at 25% off! I was able to pick up a couple of the laminated practice guides. I think I spent a total of about $40. Donna has a 1/2 hr show on PBS here in NC on Saturday mornings. She makes it look SOOOO easy!! Now if I can just get the "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" thing down (LOL!!)

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Jill- if there are more items that you want from Joanns, go to their web site and you can print off their 50% of coupon. Take a friend with you and print off two coupons. That's how I got my brushes for Donna Dewberry, it made them pretty inexpensive. Good luck, I have not found it quite as easy as it looked but still a lot of fun!

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Hey Tacomab...THANKS!! for the tip on the JoAnn's coupon--I didn't know about that and was just there yesterday looking for fabric! Luckily I didn't buy anything. Good thing I didn't buy any OSP items.

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