Painting with Ros Stallcup

paintingfoolJanuary 21, 2010

Yall know I love taking painting classes. Our chapter is hosting a seminar next week with Ros Stallcup - Gran's Garden. She will be teaching roses and pearls one day and an English Garden the second day. I have taken from her several times before but I still like being in class. I guess I am like a perpetual student. It is always fun.

Check out her website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Grans Garden

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Oooooh....I am SO jealous! You are so lucky that you are able to take classes from so many talented people. I love, love, LOVE Ros Stallcup and have practically every one of her books, her roses are awesome. I believe she has a new book out?

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Yes, she does have a new book called Grans Gallery. Lots of sunflowers. When you pull up her website you can check her book and the inside pages. I have about 11 of her books. She paints a lot of the same thing but she has a lot of interesting items that she paints on. Wish you could hope on over and paint with us, we would have lots of fun.

I love seeing what everyone is painting on. I have a small round table/plant stand that I plan to paint the roses on. But I also have metal chargers, a domed box and a few other items that I might do also. For the English Garden I have a mirror, a clock, and a silver tray that I have sprayed white. I sometimes do two projects because I paint fast and end up sitting and waiting for others to finish. My hubby asks why I keep taking classes because I already paint as well as most. But I sure like being with the other painters and you never know when you will learn something new. Plus, I like to support our painting chapter.


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I was taught that envy was a sin, so I am I envy you! Out here in the sticks the computer is my art class and what wonderful information I have gained over the last few years, but to actually be with others who share your passion...AH! I don't even know anyone else who paints and that a real SIN! I love DVD's but one never know what one is getting before one buy and they are not cheap!

Anyway...have fun in your latest class and like you, I think I would take as many classes as I could and never stop learning and sharing what you have learned!


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I love seeing her books, but sorry to say, have never bought any! Just never figured I could paint well enough to do her patterns justice! If I were in the class, I'd be one of the ones you'd be waiting on to finish! LOL

The items you have to paint on sound great, can hardly wait to see how pretty they turn out under your magic brush, Bebe. ;o)


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Belle, where do you live??? Maybe you could teach some of your friends, you know, have a Painting Party instead of Tupperware. That is how many of our Decorative Painting Society members started. You might say to yourself that you couldn't teach because you aren't that good - that is what I use to say too. But I found I learned a lot by teaching and the students didn't know any more than I did so they were so excited to just start painting. I think you are a very good painter so it shouldn't be a problem for you.

Luvs, her painting is very easy, one of the easiest I have ever taken from. Her books are published by Sue Scheewe so you know there are a lot of extra patterns and there is always a worksheet in front of the book. She also encourages you to use a sheet of transparency to put over the paintings in her book and practice.

I will show yall my paintings after class on Sunday.


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hi, I'm new to this site But am finding it interesting.
I've painted with Ros twice and just loved it. She is such a great teacher. Her style is loose and that is definitely not me. I like very detailed patterns but my pieces turned out great. One was a garden gate and the other was beach scene. Was it Belle that said she lived in the boonies. Belle if you can just find one other person to share your painting with. The artist club web site use to have a section that you could fill in and it would let you know if there was someone near you wanting to paint. I don't know if they still do it but check it out. I met 2 ladies only 15 min. from me who had never painted and we had the greatest times painting together.
I also would like to post some pictures but have no idea how. Also where is it that Ros is doing her Seminar?

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So glad you've decided to join us here. Our little forum can always use more painters. Lucky you to have been able to paint with Ros also.

How interesting about the artist club and finding painters in your area. Do you still paint with these ladies?

As far as posting pictures, I will let the others get you started. I believe Anj, made a tutorial for us on the gallery section. If it's still there we can bump it up for you. I would love to search for it but got to go. I'll check back later and see if someone has come to your rescue.

Again, I hope you will post pictures and it's great having you join us.


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Hi Vbs, and welcome to the forum. I just went and located Anj's instructions for posting pictures here. If you look on the discussion page you will see her post right near the top now.

Give it a try, and please post to ask for more help if you need it and one of us will help you out. It's really not hard--Anj taught me how so you know it must have been easy! LOL

I'm so excited to think we have a new poster here who wants to share some projects with us. Can't wait to see your pics. ;o)


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Vbs....Welcome to our corner of the world.

Thanks for the info about the Artists Club, I used to shop there all the time but they have closed our store so it all by mail now.

Posting is easy once you get the info and using the "preview message" button really helps as you can remove it if it not what you want. I am looking forward to seeing what you have done, we have so many different style of painters here which really adds to the interest and the feedback is like eating a big piece of chocolate and instead of gaining weight you loose it! Ya feel good!

Please don't forget to check out the conversations side, we share parts of our every day lives there and it adds to the fun.

Come back soon and again Welcome!


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