mom2emallFebruary 16, 2009

So I am a bit bummed today. It is really a friend issue, nothing to do with stepfamilies. I have kept quite a few close friends from my pre-teen and teen years. Over the years I have stayed close to them with lots of phone calls, e-mails, and occasionally hanging out with our kids. Not much time for girls nights out in the last few years.

Anyways I had one friend that I was super close to in high school and we have always stayed friends. We both became single moms within a month or so of eachother and really helped eachother out with babysitting and shoulders to lean on. After she got married (way before me) we drifted a little. Then I got a job aobut 5 min from her house and moved out that way. She babysat for me and we hung out all the time with our kids. We did Sunday dinners together with our kids even! Then I bought a house and moved about 40 min from her, but still worked near her house. I even got her a job with me.

Last year I quit my job to stay home and she still works there. I kept in touch over the summer with her and tried to make plans....I even went to her house one day. Her husband came to my house a few times because we hired him for some work on our house.

Since August I had not talked to her. I had called her right around then a few times and left messages with no return call from her. I just decided that sometimes people drift apart and that is what happened. Over the years she has seemed to latch onto friends here an there. The friendships are usually pretty short lived because she is around them constantly until she decides that she does not like them for some reason or another. I began to think that must have happened to us.

Then I get a friend request from her on one of those networking sites. We were instant messaging on there and she was telling me some story and then I told her to just call me because I had to start dinner and get off the computer. So she called and we talked and then she asked what me and my kids were doing today because there was no school for Presidents Day. I said we had no plans and that I was babysitting a few school age kids. She asked if her and her kids could come over and visit. I said sure. She said she would call me Sat. to confirm. Sunday I had not heard from her so I called her cell and then her house....she does not always check her cell often. No reply. Late last night I sent her a message on the networking site asking if we were on for today.

Well no response or call and she never came over. And it shows she was on the networking site today...so she could have at least sent me a reply saying some reason for not coming over.

My feelings are kind of hurt. I know it seems stupid, but I just don't get why she would invite herself over and then blow it off? Should I say something to her or just let it go?

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"She said she would call me Sat. to confirm"

I think some people are just really hesitant to make firm plans. I am personally a BIG PLANNER and I like to plan in advance, and know how things are going to go. But I have friends like yours, who will toss ideas out there and then they may or may not do them. The fact that she said she was going to call to confirm the plans leads me to believe that, at least in her mind, they were never concrete.

I would just let it go. But I don't blame you for being annoyed!

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