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khspwJanuary 14, 2012

does anyone make items and sell them to a business in another state? If so, how do you go about this? thanks

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Hi, I don't sell out of state but I do work retail where we sell both on consignment or buy product outright. We usually buy product up front then sell it but if the product is brand new, we may put a few pieces on consignment to test the waters and see how it does. Consignment or buying product outright to sell in a store that is a franchise is usually up to the owner of each individual store but if they are a chain, there could be policies or guidelines they must follow.

Go on-line to find the contact info of the store in the state you are interested in. Once you make contact and find out how they do things, they will probably ask you to do one of 2 things if they are interested; ask for a picture catalog or web site where they can view your product, or ask you to ship samples.

Good luck!

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