Does anyone else watch 'Rehab Addict'?

lavender_lassJuly 21, 2013

I'm hooked on this show! Nicole Curtis renovates these older homes in Minneapolis...and she does an amazing job. She brings old homes back to life, without adding a huge addition on the back or tearing down walls to make a great room.

This latest season, she actually bought a home for a dollar (yes, $1) that was going to be torn down. She had to lift the entire home up and rebuild the foundation, which meant the chimney had to be completely torn out. She salvaged the bricks and used some to rebuild a little corner fireplace in the living room. It had been covered up with sheet rock (so no flue) but even as a decorative element, it really brought some character back into the space.

There's a bunch of episodes on DIY today, but here's a link to the last episode, with the fireplace. The first two minutes are free on all the episodes (and there's a quick clip of the fireplace). There's also free episodes (from earlier seasons) on DIY and HGTV started showing some, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: LInk to episodes

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I like her show. It's legit. It's just straight-up reno/rehab without any superimposed drama or product placement (although she goes through gallons of paint stripper!)

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I really like that show. I grew up in a big old 2-story home with high ceilings and hardwood floors. It had gorgeous woodwork, stained glass windows at the landing of the steps and one above the picture window in the front. And it had a cellar. Def not a basement.

Yes, I really like her show.

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I like it also. have watched the episodes several times each. you can learn a lot from her shows.

I don't care for the ones where the women are more sex objects than workers. That ruins the shows. Used to like Amy but she's changed too - and that's too bad. The promo for her new show is a turn off.

' And it had a cellar. Def not a basement. '

I lived in a few houses like that growing up. In one we did have the washer / dryer. There was an old wringer type washer down there too. It was divided in half and we seldom went into the other half. At least as kids we tried not to... there were rumors that the guy who lived there yrs prior haunted it. We probably started those rumors...

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Steph, who is Amy?

Shame on you LL! I had to go to that link and then I had to watch all the videos available. Just finished and I have to get up early in the morning. But I liked it. *yawn*

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Nicole Curtis made me give up Antiques Roadshow! Rehab Addict is on at the same time, and I love that show. I watched the 'Dollar House' shows last season, so I could go back to watching Antiques Roadshow again, but I'd still rather watch Rehab Addict, to see if I missed anything the first time. :)

If Amy is the one on the show where they come in and remodel a home in one evening while the homeowners go out to dinner (Renovation Raiders, or something like that), then I agree with desertsteph. I don't like the ads, either, and really, what kind of quality are they producing when they're constantly rushing from one project to the next?

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yep mama g, that's Amy Matthews. I haven't watched the new show. She had other shows prior to this one and they were good. She is very pretty but she didn't flaunt it around like she seems to be doing now. Also, her hair was blonde. She was more like Nicole - centered on the job. Nicole is very pretty also. If she starts sporting a pouty lip and flinging her hair around I'll quit watching her too.

There's another show with a very pretty dark haired female (long hair) who does design and some of the work - her show also seems more about her looks, dress and life to me.

A show I really like to watch is Salvage Dawgs.

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She may not flaunt her looks, but she sure doesn't always dress like she is going to or on a construction site. We also don't care for some of her rehab methods, but that is true will all those shows.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I haven't seen Renovation Raiders (that's the name--I looked it up), even though it comes on after Rehab Addict. After seeing the first few ads, I was already tired of it, and I think the premise is silly. Sorry, I guess I shouldn't judge it without watching an episode, but I think it would make me jittery.

Haven't seen Salvage Dawgs--is that HGTV? I've caught a couple episodes of West End Salvage, and I like that show, except for the episode where they tore apart a vintage enamel stove to make a desk. :[

Lol on Nicole's wardrobe--you know the producers encourage it for the ratings. ;)

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I didn't even like her hair color change (and style) in the promos. I think the idea of the show is silly too. You go to dinner and come back and your room is done... sure. Maybe it depends on if you go out of state/country for that dinner!

I don't think I've seen Nicole in anything other than a tank/t shirt and jeans.

Salvage Dawgs is on DIY.

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Oh yeah, love West End Salvage too. Man I wish I could pull rooms together like they do. It truly is a talent.

I liked Amy Matthews before, on her other show. This turn off. She dyed her hair red and I swear she has had her lips and eyes done. It seems like her personality has changed also, and not for the better.

I really hope Nicole Curtis doesn't end up with boobs and butt hanging out everywhere, it will ruin her show. The show is great as is.

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WOW after all of that I am going to have to go watch the shows. LOL Sounds like a fun time was had by all. I do not think I would like a whole room make over in an evening either. unless they were just moving furniture around to better positioning.

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Hulu has the most recent 6 or so episodes of Rehab Addict for those without DVRs.

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Oh cool, thanks weedyacres. I'd like my dh to see that show too.

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I know the area where Nicole's shows are located, and it's wonderful there. Old homes with tons of character; endless old woodwork, built-ins, stained glass. And one of the stores she visits, Gilded Salvage Antiques, is the best. Great old stuff at reasonable prices, unlike the other architectural salvage places in the Twin Cities.
Amy Matthews also worked out of the Twin Cities, and I agree her new show's premise borders on the ridiculous. Her previous one where she remodeled bathrooms was great, part of which is because she showed you how things were done. And didn't try to get it done in 10 minutes.

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yikes! I just watched one of the shows on hulu. Good reminder to ALWAYS look under rugs.

I like a lot of the stuff she does, but really dislike some of her refinishing.

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I liked her earlier shows more than the ones since the $1 houses began. I think it all started with the Minihaha (totally misspelled I'm sure) house. After that one she's cheezed out on stuff more, probably because she sank a LOT into that place and didn't really get it back. The latest one (I think), omg I would have been all over all that stuff! I have an old sunbeam mixer like the one they found in that house-although it's in my attic and I use my 4C kitchenaid instead since I have some of the Hobart attachments for it.

I also don't care for her color choices. black and white, black and white...gray...and the latest house, the exterior, with the detail work painted in pink and the house brownish-ick. There's a house in the city we used to live in, that had similar details, but the whole place was painted various pink/maroon shades with some white, and it looked MUCH better.

ALTHOUGH, I have to say, DH laughs when we watch it because I'm a lot like her with salvage. There was one episode that involved her collection of old doors and she said something like "why do I have all these old doors" and before she could answer herself I said "because they're so cool" or something like that-then she said the exact same thing (I'm having an issue with storage of salvage myself, with a small house and no basement, although I DO still have a small collection of old doors anyway, lol).

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I have seen Nichole's show, Rehab Addict, several times. She comes across as a regular person. Like Marti, I find some of her finishing choices questionable. Sometimes it seems like she does not understand the finishing process, or that she has no knowledge of historically accurate finishes. She also gets behind or short on money, so takes shortcuts that cannot be undone. I go AHHHHGGG! several times when watching her show.

Nichole is moving to Detroit for her next season, I remember hearing. She is from here, originally.

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Now you made me check, and it looks like she is doing a house in Detroit. I figured she would eventually, she's always wearing Detroit shirts on the show, lol. I wonder if it's a summertime thing while her son is out of school...or maybe by now he's graduated...

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Love Rehab Addict.

I watch only 2 TV shows - Rehab Addict & Revenge. (Odd pair.)

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My husband went and scouted out the $1 house she rehabbed with the brown and pinkish trim. He said it looked really nice. He thought he was taking photos of it, but he mistakenly had his ipad on video. It just about gave us motion sickness trying to watch it. Not to mention, he had it going while he was walking around. Pass the Dramamine. ;)

I really liked the Minnehaha home. I would love to get inside that one.

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I indulged this week and had DIY on during the day. I saw the same two commercials for Nichole's Rehab Addict a hundred times. It is her staining technique that drives me nuts. She goes to all the trouble of stripping things with REAL stripper, the kind that strips your lungs as it strips your skin. Then she is a lousy stainer. I can't imagine why she goes through all that trouble and is satisfied with streaky results. Or patchy results. I think I remember her doing a floor in front of a bar in the basement and she had some old wood and some new wood. She could have lightly stained the new wood before staining it all together - or used a conditioner, or something! She didn't and you could see every new board.

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LOL! That's true, Nancy....I remember that episode. I'd rather paint than have splotchy stain.

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I don't think her technique of staining the floors is sloppy as much as it is her taste. She likes to do the minimum because the old look doesn't bother her, in fact she embraces it. As an old house owner, I have learned that making a feature in an old house look flawless is not always the right thing to do. It is really a matter of taste. No one is going to redo something the exact same way that you would like it or that I would like it.

I love that she encourages people to use what they have, and to see the charm in original features. I think she has done a lot for the preservation of old homes and their pieces and parts.

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I enjoy the shows but why must these DIY programs have such loud metal rock music behind the dialogue?? Rehab Addict is a prime example. Sometimes I just want to hit the mute button. Like someone else mentioned, I question some of her methods too. Does she ever prime the exterior of the houses before she paints? I'd think the paint would only last a year or so.

She works fast and sometimes the "after" photos show it. I see lots of mistakes and sloppiness; but then again she is a house flipper and it's all about fixing the houses up for market quickly and for a reasonable amount of money. Enjoy seeing the dirt and grime come off fixtures and floors and return to something beautiful again.

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