One Stroke Painting Projects

chris_2009January 24, 2009


I've looked at the projects of other members in this forum. You guys are so talented!

I've never done this before, posting pictures anywhere on the internet. Hope I did it right. I really like Donna Dewberry. Here are some of my projects using her techniques. Started painting about 4 years ago. Never seem to have enough time to paint as much as I would like.


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Chris, Welcome to the forum. Your projects look great. Wish I could enlarge them but Photobucket is not working right. You might be able to try again later and it will. I'm so glad you came to play with us.

This is a great forum and I just love to come here and see everyones projects. Hope you continue to come back, post and chat with us. Punk

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Hi Chris, So glad you found us and have shared some of your painting. Each one looks really good but like Phonegirl said, Photobucket is not letting us enlarge them just now for an even better look. I thought they had the problem fixed, but guess it still isn't always working right.

I do a little bit of One Stroke painting too and love it. Just so fast and easier than doing the regular three steps of basecoating, shading and highlighting. I really need to practice more, I was doing it allot for awhile but haven't done much in the last year. Like everything, it's easier and better if you practice, practice, practice. LOL

So what kinds of projects will you be using your painting on? Do you paint things mostly for yourself and gift items, or do you sell some of your projects? Come back and tell us more about yourself please.

I've done several welcome signs, garden signs, metal trays, glass jars and a few candles. Don't sell, just for me and for gift items.


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Hi Chris...saw the enlarged ones, but thought I'd better come here to make my reply. I love one stroke. I've only done one thing so far with it. I really need practice, but never seem to have time for it. Donna makes it look soooo easy. I really want to get better at the roses, leaves and things to add them to my other painted projects. All of your projects are really good. Are you taking a class or just doing it on your own?

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting your pictures - sure wish they worked properly!

I have only tried Donna's pansy's and I love the rainbow effect of the colors. You pictures show that you have used a lot of different surfaces, something I need to start doing. I seem to be stuck on wood. One of your pictures looks like you used canvas or paper - what did you use to prep the surface?

Hope you come back often!


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Your paintings look good. I am also a one stroke painter and have done many projects on many different surfaces. The most popular lately has been painting on wine glasses. It is so easy and people love them! I have sold quite a few lately. Anyway check out my website to see my projects!

Here is a link that might be useful: Crafts By Jenn

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Good for you that you took the plunge to sell your crafts. You have a big variety of items too. Love your little jean purses. One Stroke is fun, but takes lots of practice to do it well. I worked and worked to finally be able to paint the rose and some leaves. Tried a sunflower, but it was harder than it looked and I didn't like how mine turned out, so I washed it off and haven't tried another one yet! LOL

Did you take classes? Did you go for the One Stroke certification? Come back and chat more with us, we love to hear all about painting.


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Me and my mom took a class together and went home afterwards and practiced for a few days. After that we went crazy just painting EVERYTHING! We love it and try to make some xtra cash by doing craft shows. Not very good sales this year, I dont think anyone wants to by anything that they dont need.
But I am not certified, I dont know what I would do with it if I was..

Here is a link that might be useful: Crafts By Jenn

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