A question on having a disposal - or a stinky sink!

desertstephJuly 1, 2012

I've been smelling something bad in my kitchen. not much food prep goes on in there yet - zilch really. made some toast and that's it. but I think I tracked the smell down.

my sink w/a disposal. that does not work. it didn't work and the electrician just disconnected it. A thought just hit me that maybe he just unplugged it and I could plug it in (will one of you come plug it in for me? thx). I think it's scary under there.

The question is about having one there that doesn't work. Water started to not go down on that side of the sink. I had to get out the plunger - and it finally went down. I expect it'll happen again tho.

I'm on a septic and don't really want a disposal. Haven't had one in over 20 yrs and haven't missed it. But the water 'pipes' in here are a plastic tube. good grief. The piping under the sink in my old place looks like regular piping (but it leaks).

I mentioned this tube stuff to my BIL sometime back and I swear he told me that's what they are using now. That's what they have in their many 100's K $ home built a few yrs ago. This can't be true, can it? Tell me he lied to me - lol! or I misunderstood him. I'll ask him again...

anyway, I'm wondering if I shouldn't just get a cheap/small disposal to have put in so that I can just run it to clear stuff out now and again. I did buy a plastic flower looking thing w/tiny holes to put over that drain so things wouldn't fall into it.

words of wisdom from my wise friends here?

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I'm on septic and also have those plastic pipes under my sink. I don't have a disposal, but I notice at my dd's and my mom's that their disposals often have a bad smell. I dropped something in dd's and it was gross and slimy in there. I don't miss having one at all.

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yeah, I was looking around to see if puppy had made a mess somewhere in the area. then when the water wouldn't go down - I knew where it was coming from.

there is no way I'd put my hand in there. might be different in a house where you know the people. Those who had this place before me - no way. Even that black rubber flappy thing looks corroded. I did run a wad of paper towels around the outer part and plan to use a SOS pad on it but it's gotta go.

I think having the electrician change out my sink just zoomed up a few notches on my list. I'll probably keep the faucet that's there for now. I can live with it for now. Unless I find one before he gets here and feel I can spare the $s for it.

the faucet just got cheaper - thinking that I won't waste money on a disposal, I'll put the money toward a faucet.

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Your BIL did not lie to you. We are also on a septic system, no disposal, plastic pipes. When you get the sink and faucet replaced, definitely have him remove the old disposal.

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it's really not even a pipe, it's a tubing. You can roll it up.
you guys have tubing or pvc pipes?

I used skinny pvc 'pipe' (white, straight lengths of it) to run my phone wire thru in the old place (protection from critters). This isn't that.

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I'm thinking you will need a plumber to remove/replace your sink and piping, not the electrician. Your electrician has probably done as much as he can/wants to--disconnected the power.

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Mine is white pvc pipe, but I've seen that flexible tubing too.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Get a plumber to remove the disposal and repipe as necessary to get a normal drain. Electrical outlet can just remain in case a future occupant may want to add one back....

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An old remedy that works for most smells is 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup white vinegar. It'll fizz up and then you can rinse it out after 5-10 minutes.
I'm on city water and sewage so I use mine a lot (in the summer). If we put food in the garbage, we have maggots in about 24 hours! Most disposals come out pretty easy.

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yeah, most people would have a plumber do it... but my electrician fixes my water too - lol! bless his heart. He's worked on water and electrical things for me for 14 yrs now.

i'll ask him in advance - cause that sink weighs a ton. He does have a younger BIG guy who works with him and does the heavy / hard work tho. I've known him for as many yrs also. he's already gonna flush my hot water heater and put on a new on/off handle at my pump. and hopefully fix the leak in the hall bath. oh, his list is getting long.

idie - good idea - I'm gonna pour a little of that in there tomorrow even tho I can't run the thing.

marti - it's good to know others do have that, but I think it is ridiculous. What's next - a straw?

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I sprinkle baking powder down the drain when it gets smelly. Here is a recipe for a drain cleaner, which might help if there is a clog. Push a cup of baking soda down the drain, dry. Add a cup of vinegar. Wait 15 minutes, then flush with a quart of boiling water. I use it on all of the drains occasionally. A clue others, who still have electricity to their disposals, can use is to put a bunch of ice cubes through the grinder. It takes the gunk down with it.

PVC pipe has replaced iron and galvanized around here in new homes. You will find plumbers using it in old homes too - there is a way to tie the PVC in with the old pipes, I believe. I once tried to sleep in a a basement with PVC drain pipes. NOISY! Ole cast iron never had that problem. It just rots after 50 years and leaks. But it is not noisy.

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the baking soda and vinegar worked! I'm keeping it handy in case I need it again before I get that thing removed.

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