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anitamaceyJuly 2, 2013

Hi Phoggie, I followed your posts til you finished building and the reveal of your house.

I would love to know what the width of your lot was that you built your house on or even the width of your house.

I just loved your plan and had copies of it downloaded but have lost them. Now I'm thinking I might like to build that plan here in Wyoming were I live.

You may email me off the forum at amacey99@gmail.com.

I hope you see this and get in touch with me.

Anita Macey

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I hope Phoggie contacts you directly, but her plan
can be found on the Home Building site
" Calling Summerfield...4-22-12 "

This may not be her final plan but close to it.


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Hi Anita!
Yes, I still pop into this site from time to time to just catch up on those of these posters who have helped me through the planning and building of my house...so I was surprised to read you called out to me. I can not find the complete set, but it looks like the original drawing of the house is 64'x46 at the widest parts. My lot is odd sized, due to the waterway to the lake cuts off one end and because of the view, I put the house on an angle..per SF, it is about 3/4 acre...but much longer than wide. I do not have a deep front or back yard, due to HOA set-backs...but a lot of room on both side yards.
I am flattered that you like my house enough to consider it for yours! I really enjoy it...and 1635 sf is plenty of room...3 bedrooms, 2 baths, double garage, open concept, lots of storage...it is perfect for me. I did make a few changes in the original plan...guest bath, moved tub to the outer wall, which move the linen closet so I could open it from the hallway instead of from the bath; the bar area in kitchen is a large curve instead of angled off; no window in end of dining room; there are three windows and door with full view door in LR; the utility room and office area is one room..desk on one 5' wall, sink, washer, dryer, and folding counter on other...5 shelves behind the door; back hall is a foot wider so I can have a bench; master bath, 5' walk-in shower and handicapped stool on one wall, with double sinks and vanity on the other; I put a pull-up trap door in the floor of the master closet, with steps down into the crawl space area so I have a place to go for cover in case of a tornado; recessed the fig area 6" into the garage so that frig is flush with cabinets. Probably others, but I hope it gives you a general idea. Keep in touch...I will be watching for your build and good luck!

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